How do you know if a child has teeth?

The birth of a baby is a welcome event for the whole family. Inexperienced parents have to get to know absolutely new problems.

Many events and even the smallest achievements of crumbs are significant for caring mothers. The appearance of the first tooth is a joy for all family members. Young parents may be interested in the question of how to understand that a child has teeth. It is believed that this process is necessarily accompanied by a poor state of health, crumbs and moms are adjusted to this in advance. In fact, in this period, not all babies are experiencing severe discomfort.

How can you understand that the baby's teeth are chopped?

There are approximate dates, when usually every certain tooth appears. However, these data are approximate, do not rely solely on them. Usually the first teeth can appear in 6-8 months, but in some cases this occurs sooner or later. For example, babies fed a mixture are characterized by earlier terms.

Any mom thinks about how to understand that the first tooth is cut . You can advise to pay attention to the behavior of the crumbs. A few weeks before this event, the baby begins to show a pronounced concern.

Symptoms that accompany the process are diverse. Some of them do not cause any special discomfort in the carapace:

Observant parents, as soon as they notice these signs, can understand that the baby is teething. It is useful before the sleep to lubricate the irritations on the face of the baby with a softening cream.

The above nuances do not cause a disturbance of well-being in the youngster, but in some cases the process is accompanied by more unpleasant symptoms. At this time, the crumbs may have pain in the gums. The pediatrician can advise special drugs that will have an anesthetic effect. There are also teethers, which can be purchased at the store.

Sometimes children start to refuse from feeding, as the pain at sucking can amplify. A crumb can sleep badly, be capricious. Mom needs to be patient, you need to hug your child more often, try not to lose your temper.

To understand, that teeth began to be cut, it is possible on such phenomenon, as a diarrhea at the kid. According to some experts, this is due to the large amount of saliva swallowed by children in this period. However, this opinion is questioned by other professionals. Therefore, when a liquid stool appears in the baby, the mother should consult a pediatrician.

In this critical period, the immunity of crumbs is reduced. Therefore, symptoms of a viral disease may appear, for example, a rise in temperature. If its value does not decrease within 3 days, it is necessary to show the baby to the doctor. Give an antipyretic is needed when the thermometer shows above 38.5 ° C.

Also, the baby can have a runny nose and cough. These symptoms can be associated with the ingress of saliva into the nasopharynx. But such signs can also speak about the onset of the disease. Therefore, treat them carefully.

Having studied all the above signs, my mother will receive an answer to the question of how to understand if the child's teeth are cut. To show excessive anxiety in this regard should not be, because it is impossible to influence the duration of this process, as well as its timing.