How many weeks do you have an abortion?

The main goal of any abortion is abortion, which consists in the death of the fetus. In girls under the age of 18, abortion is performed only with the consent of the parents and with social indications.

The first question, asked by a woman who wants to interrupt an unexpected pregnancy, is as follows: "How many weeks do you have an abortion?" Here, all the envy of the type of abortion - up to what week do these or other methods of abortion. But anyway, any kind of abortion (abortion) can be done only up to 12 weeks. In this case, this abortion will be called early. As a rule, in early terms, a medical form of abortion is performed, which is less traumatic for the female body and has practically no complications. He is in the reception of special medications.

Abortion on a long term

It is not uncommon for a woman to find out about an unwanted pregnancy rather late: for 4-5 months because of irregularities and inconstancy of monthly bleeding. After learning how many weeks you can do medical abortion (and it takes place up to 4-6 weeks), surgical abortion - up to 12 weeks, it runs into a panic, sometimes to the point that psychosis develops. However, as practice shows, abortion is possible and for a long time, up to 22 weeks. In this case, women's desire for abortion is not enough. A large medical commission is going to make a decision on carrying out the procedure of abortion for a long term, the main purpose of which is to assess the possibility of carrying out this operation without consequences for the woman.

In such cases, abortion is completely reminiscent of premature birth , that is, women are injected with drugs that enhance contractions of the uterine musculature, which eventually leads to miscarriage. The main indications for an abortion for a long period are medical and social factors (single mother, lack of housing, sudden death of her husband, etc.).

Today, there is a large number of contraceptives. Their use makes it possible to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy for a woman to a minimum. However, this fact still takes place, and a large number of women decide on this radical method, not realizing fully that with the appearance in the future of a desired pregnancy, serious, sometimes insoluble, problems can arise. That is why, before deciding on this procedure, a woman should think well, so as not to reproach herself in the future and not regret it.