How to choose a backpack for a first-grader?

Admission to school is an important event for the child. Moms know that by the time of the beginning of the studies, it is necessary to prepare what the first-grader will need. It is required to purchase stationery, clothes, shoes, and after all I want everything to be both comfortable and attractive externally. Many are wondering how to choose a backpack for school for a first-grader. Because it is worth to find out what is important to pay attention to, what nuances should be known.

Some features

A backpack is called a fairly soft bag with several compartments and two straps worn behind the back. Models for girls and boys differ only in appearance.

A more rigid backpack is called a knapsack, it perfectly retains its shape. This bag also has 2 straps, but its weight is slightly larger. But it so happened that most do not share the differences between knapsack and backpack, so usually these words are used in the same meaning. Do not buy a toddler's briefcase or bag over your shoulder. Also, do not buy box-cases, as it is not always possible to find a model that will be convenient for the child, and this can lead to deterioration in health.

Recommendations for choosing a backpack

  1. It's best to go shopping with a baby, so that you can try it on. Be sure to take into account the wishes of the child about the appearance of the model. There are also a number of features that Mom should pay special attention to.
  2. Orthopedic backrest. It will allow to form a correct posture, and also to avoid a scoliosis. The anatomical back is a rigid frame that looks like bends and is covered with porous material. Therefore, if the mother thinks about how to choose a backpack for a first-grader, it is better to purchase orthopedic.
  3. Ease of operation. The baby should be able to wear a backpack on his own, and also remove it. The accessories also need to be paid attention, it is necessary to make sure that the child copes with the fasteners without assistance.
  4. Strength. Thinking about how to properly choose a school backpack for a first-grader, you must not forget how actively this thing will be exploited. In addition, a schoolchild can fall under the snow or rain, which increases the quality requirements. Because the backpack follows Choose from durable waterproof fabrics.
  5. Ease. The knapsack should be chosen easy, approximately 0,5-0,8 kg (in empty condition). The weight of the filled backpack should not be more than 10% of the body weight of the baby. Otherwise, it is possible to develop scoliosis, back pain.
  6. It is desirable that the backpack has retro-reflective elements. It is also important to pay attention to the possibility to adjust the length of the straps, and the width of the back does not exceed the width of the shoulders of the child.