How to improve the quality of breast milk?

The quality of breast milk that the baby receives directly affects the child's health, its immunity, and intellectual and physical development.

Any mother knows that breast milk is the best food that she can give a child in the first months of his life. Breast milk affects the formation of a growing body, and without the fats with which it is rich, it is impossible to develop membranes of cells and the retina of the eye. Often, if the baby often cries and slightly adds weight, women are worried about the insufficient fat content of milk . In an effort to improve the quality of breastfeeding, women inject more fat into their diet, while making the mistake, since excess fats can not affect the situation.

How to check the quality of breast milk?

Any woman at home can conduct a test to determine the quality of breast milk. Pour the milk into a transparent dish and leave it at room temperature for up to 7 hours. During this time, the oily part of breast milk will split off, it should average 4%.

How to improve the quality of breast milk?

Another widely used misconception of nursing women is to drink more liquid, thereby increasing the quantity and quality of milk. Drinking fluids is, of course, necessary to avoid dehydration , but to get carried away and drink more water than a woman needs is not worth it. This does not affect the quality of milk.

But eating a cup of tea with milk shortly before feeding, on the contrary, will facilitate the arrival of milk.

Products that improve the quality of breast milk

When breastfeeding it is necessary to maximally diversify the food ration of the mother, which will fully meet all the needs of the child.

When breastfeeding is allowed to use:

But coffee, alcohol, from your diet should be excluded.

You should be careful when using products that often cause allergies in your baby - citrus fruits, strawberries, honey, chocolate, caviar, seafood. From the nutrition of the mother during breastfeeding depends on whether the child will later be allergic.