In a bath with children

Such a unique remedy for the health of the body, like a sauna or a sauna, has a lot of admirers. And if lovers of steam in the bath are also parents, they, of course, can not wait to add to their hobbies and the child.

Parents with children in the bathhouse get a good opportunity to spend family leisure and get better. In Russia children were always taken to a bath, especially if the child had a cold. Our ancestors knew how to soar a child, so that the cold quickly passed. And children who regularly visited the bath were much less likely to have respiratory illnesses.

Steam helps to increase sweating, and hence to remove toxins from the body. Strengthens the nervous system, improves blood circulation. However, when visiting a sauna or a sauna with children, you should follow certain rules.

When a child can be in the bath?

It is known that in the absence of contraindications the child can visit the bath even with the baby. Although many pediatricians recommend to abandon the campaign to the bath with children under 3 years, as they have not yet fully established the process of thermoregulation. And the contraindications are the following:

So for a child with any congenital disorders or chronic diseases, visiting a bath at an early age is very dangerous. If parents have any doubts about the physical condition of their baby, they need to consult a pediatrician. Only a doctor can say with certainty whether your child can be in a bath or in a sauna at the moment.

Rules for visiting the steam room with children

Children do not need to soar, especially the first time. This applies to adolescents. It is better to choose a sparing mode. It is permissible not more than 1-2 visits to the steam room for one trip, the head should be covered with a cap from the felt, the hair can not be wetted. Broom used is not recommended, as the skin of children is very tender, and the likelihood of discomfort is very high. To avoid overheating of the child in the bathhouse, it is possible to stay in the pair of kids up to the age of five for no more than 3 minutes. After - you can not dunk the child in cold water or pour a contrast shower. You can just rinse with warm water. Be sure to give your child plenty of food: herbal infusions or tea.

By the way, a Finnish sauna is carried by a child more easily than a Russian bath due to more dry air and less abrupt fluctuations in body temperature.