It's hard to know: Mila Kunis radically changed her image

Sensational was the appearance of Mila Kunis at the photo gallery of the Billboard Music Awards 2018, where the 34-year-old actress presented not only a spectacular outfit, but a new haircut.

Down with conservatism in the hairstyle!

Mila Kunis, is extremely cautious about any experiments with hair, so her appearance with a bang and a new hair color at the ceremony of awarding the Billboard Music Awards, which was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, with a new hairstyle, caused an unprecedented stir among the public and among her fans.

Mila Kunis at the Billboard Music Awards 2018
Mila Kunis before changing the image

Having trusted the hairdresser Chad Vood, Mila became the owner of the asymmetrical haircut bob with a bang, which is actual this summer, in the opinion of guru-stylists, of a darker shade than before.

As a memory ensemble for going out into the light, which would harmoniously fit into her beauty transformation, the actress stopped the choice on a mini-skirt with metal details and a fitting top with long sleeves and a neckline on one shoulder. Her image she supplemented with black boats on the hairpin and meikapom figs-ice.

Brand new

Discussing the change of image of Kunis, the singer's fans did not fail to note that their favorite was very thin and pleased with their slender figure.

As for the main transformation of Mila - hairstyles, then here, as usual, could not come to a single opinion. The hayters said that now Kunis looks older.

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By the way, this evening the artist also went on stage to present the award for the best-selling CD to another star of the evening Taylor Swift.

Mila Kunis and Taylor Swift