Laser resurfacing of scars

Laser facial resurfacing is the main means for getting rid of scars. Today, the modern possibilities of medicine are available to almost everyone, and if earlier uneven skin left by acne accompanied a person all his life, today this problem can be easily solved.

Of course, every tool that can be at first glance attributed to magic (after all, the effect after the laser resurfacing is obvious, and it seems that the skin was a real miracle) has its own price, and it is measured not only in money. Here we are talking about the risk of skin burn, which is minimized, but, nevertheless, nothing excludes it by 100%. Therefore, before deciding on laser resurfacing, you need to carefully study the list of available masters, and find out how professional they are.

The ideal option is one if one of the friends is already familiar not by hearsay with the activities of the beautician. To address to the person who has already proved the professionalism, it is possible safely.

The master must have a certain qualification, which is confirmed by a documentary diploma about the relevant education, as well as a license or a certificate of quality that the device is not obsolete.

Types of laser resurfacing

There are three main types of laser grinding, which differ in the depth of penetration of the beam:

  1. Laser peeling.
  2. Deep laser resurfacing.
  3. Fractional polishing.

They can solve various problems related to the unevenness of the skin (wrinkles, scars, scars, pits, etc.), but you need to choose the most sparing from them, which can eliminate the defect.

Cost of laser resurfacing of scars

The price of laser grinding depends on the processing area and the depth of penetration of the laser.


  1. If you process the entire face, then with anesthesia (and without it it is very difficult to withstand such a procedure), the price will be about 370-400 dollars.
  2. If you handle the neck - 220-300 dollars.
  3. If the decollete zone, then you have to spend about 300 dollars.

Fractional polishing:

  1. The face is about 450 dollars.
  2. The neck is about 270 dollars.

Deep laser resurfacing:

  1. The face is about 450 dollars.
  2. The neck is about 350 dollars.

It should also be noted that this is the approximate cost of a single procedure, which several may need.

Laser Peeling

Peeling is the treatment of the surface layer of the skin. This is a non-contact method with an accuracy of 0.001 mm. Due to the fact that the body of the device does not come into contact with the skin, it is referred to aseptic - it is impossible to put infection with a laser, so this is its important advantage.

Many apparatus for peeling are equipped with a cooling function that makes the procedure more comfortable, reducing painful sensations.

For at least a week, the face will be reddened with areas of peeling. This is a mandatory update process, which can not be avoided.

This method is recommended for those who have shallow scars.

Deep laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing of the post-acne scars is often performed precisely in the deep mode. This is a radical method of skin renewal, which is considered painful, but effective. Thanks to deep laser grinding, you can not only get rid of postoperative scars, but also look younger for 10-15 years.

For this procedure, local anesthesia is mandatory. After carrying out within a week the skin will be covered with a crust that will complicate dialogue with other people and performance of usual house affairs. Some women complained of poor sleep and difficulty in eating.