Lipstick lipstick

Lipstick flesh color, it is also called nude lipstick, keeps on the peak of popularity for several seasons.

What is the use of flesh-colored lipstick?

This lipstick can be used for different purposes:

  1. Create a fashion image with eye makeup. A rich eye makeup means neutral color of the lips. Most often professional make-up artists for make-up "smokies" use matte lipstick flesh-colored. The best option for this makeup is the lipstick color of the foundation. If you look closely at some models with make-up smoky on fashion shows, you can notice that their lips almost merge with the skin. This effect is achieved just with nude lipstick.
  2. Balancing of bright clothes with restrained make-up. Bright colors in clothing are becoming more popular. Even in winter collections, such famous fashion houses as Gucci use ultra-bright colors. Naturally, a rich make-up with such bright clothes will look out of place. Therefore, makeup artists are advised to use a tonal color lipstick.
  3. Create a natural makeup, makeup nude - that is, "naked" makeup, imperceptible to others. Such a makeup is preferred by many stars, even for access to the red carpet - it allows you to emphasize all the dignity of a woman's beauty, while giving the impression that there is no make-up in principle.

Why can not I use a normal foundation cream instead of lipstick?

Such a question may arise in those who want to do with the means at their fingertips. But, alas, the foundation, applied to the lips, gives an unpleasant effect: a white line appears around the line of the mouth. The fact is that the tonal basis and lipstick have completely different bases (water - for foundation and fat - for lipstick), so the foundation can not lie as neatly as lipstick, and it runs out of the lips, even if you use the outline with a pencil.

What is the difference between beige lipstick and lipstick?

In principle - in anything. Beige lipsticks refer to nude lipsticks, that is, lipsticks of "nude" color. But many consultants still classify beige lipsticks in a separate category, because lipsticks of beige color can be very dark, and differ from the skin color by several tones. Therefore, on request to find lipstick color beige consultants of many salons can show different lipsticks from absolutely light to very dark colors. If a woman is in search of lipstick nude, the consultant will try to choose the lipstick most closely approximated to her skin color.