Exercises for warm-up

So, what is the warm-up for? The complex of exercises for warm-up before the main training is aimed at bringing the cardiovascular, respiratory and other body systems into tone, and also prepare muscles for exercise. Unscripted muscles are prone to injury and stretching, and a proper warm-up will warm them up, literally, making them elastic and supple. The palpitation increased, the body overflowed with heat and there were signs of sweat? So, you are ready for a full, active training.

Before you conduct a warm-up, ventilate the room, dress in a comfortable, sports-designed clothes, prepare all necessary equipment and a rug.

How to properly warm up?

The warm-up usually takes 10 minutes before the main workout. It consists of light aerobic exercise, with a gradual elaboration of different muscle groups, and stretching exercises of the already prepared heated muscles to prepare for work and ligaments. Exercises with loads are excluded. If there is any specificity, for example, there will be strength training, then its features should be taken into account in the complex of exercises for warm-up. But in most cases, quite a standard preparation is enough.

The intensity of the load should be low, the rhythm - calm, relaxed. Remember, properly conducted warm-up never leads to fatigue.

Usually the warm-up is carried out in two versions:

How to conduct your workout, choose all the same yourself, and the exercises we will tell you. Combine them in your own way, but do not forget about the basic principles of preparing for classes and remember - this is just one of the options.

Exercises for warm-up before training in standing position:

1. Take a few deep breaths and exhale, spreading your arms wide.

2. We warm the neck muscles - the shoulders are lowered and fixed:

3. Warm up the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle:

4. Tilts and pelvis are fixed:

5. Muscles of the legs:

6. We finish the warm-up with a series of deep breaths and exhalations.

Each exercise is done up to 5 times. Make sure that both sides are evenly loaded - right and left.

Supplement and strengthen the set of exercises for warm-up can be dynamic walking, jogging and jumping elements. You can also perform exercises barefoot - it's very useful for the foot. And remember, physical exercises should not cause painful sensations.

Increase the load gradually - from simple to complex. Do not forget to practice regularly, at least 3 times a week. Well, if you do not have enough time for full-fledged training, you can at least just perform a daily exercise as a charging exercise for warm-up. And then your body will say thank you, well-being will improve, the mood will always be good, and life - joyful and bright!