Memory impairment - causes

Sometimes all are prone to forgetfulness, especially if you have to perform many tasks and make complex decisions. Indeed, it is worth worrying if there is a steady deterioration in memory - the causes of this problem are usually found in the disruption of the brain cells and may indicate serious diseases of the vascular system.

Causes of impaired memory and attention in women

The main and most obvious factor in reducing the ability to concentrate and remember is aging. With age in small vessels, sclerotic changes occur that prevent normal blood circulation, including in the brain. This process is especially intense after menopause.

But the symptom is often complained about and women under 40 years. The causes of memory impairment in young people have a different origin and often consist in the negative influence of the external environment:

Also one of the most common factors provoking memory impairment is systemic intoxication of the body:

As for alcohol, in this matter it is important to find a "golden mean". The fact that for metabolic processes in the brain is harmful both excessive consumption of alcohol, and complete rejection of it. Doctors recommend, in the absence of contraindications, drink 2-3 glasses of red wine in 7-10 days.

Diseases that result in impaired attention and memory:

Causes of severe memory impairment

Usually, signs of a decrease in the ability to remember gradually increase, which makes it possible to start therapy at an early stage of the detected diseases. But in some cases memory deterioration occurs very quickly: