Military uniform for children on May 9

Concerts and theater performances are held in the gardens and schools in honor of the Victory Day . Of course, prepare for such events are not only for children, but also for their parents: kids learn poems, songs, dances, well, adults take care of the appropriate equipment. Unfortunately, the military form offered by manufacturers for children does not always justify the cost and expectations, besides, it is often difficult to find the right size. So today we will tell you how to sew a military uniform for children with your own hands.

A gymnast is the main element of military decoration

The upper one-toned shirt, belted with a belt, with a standing collar, two patch pockets on the chest and an anterior cut with a covered bar - it looked like a tunic or earlier "gymnastic shirt" for military personnel. Gymnastics differed in color and buttons - depending on the kind of troops and rank. Also at the rank of soldier pointed shoulder straps and buckles. Like other military clothes, the gymnastic shirt had a simple and functional cut. That is why it is not difficult to sew a reduced copy of this element of military uniform, even to those mothers who do not have sewing skills. So, we sew the military uniform to the child by all rules independently.

  1. First, we take a prototype - the standard pattern of a normal straight-cut man's shirt.
  2. Then we take the necessary measurements.
  3. Using the measurements taken, and the formulas below for calculation, we construct a pattern for the main element of the military uniform for the child - a tunic.
  4. Now cut the resulting pattern and transfer it to a fabric that you had to wash and iron beforehand. Before moving the contours, fold the fabric in half in front.
  5. Next, we cut out the obtained details, deviating from the edge of 1 cm.
  6. Then, when the basic elements are ready to proceed directly to sewing.
  7. First of all, on the wrong side, we sweep the valves of the pockets, then we spread them out and turn them out, leaving only the base not stitched. Do not forget to stitch the items with a decorative stitch.
  8. After that, we sew the strap to the section at the front.
  9. We sweep the basic elements of the tunic - in front and back.
  10. Next we sew the cuffs to the sleeves and the collar. Again, do not forget about the decorative stitch and loop.
  11. We swag and then we attach the sleeves to the base.
  12. Now sew the sleeves and side seams.
  13. We sew buttons, on request shoulder straps and other decorative elements.
  14. Here, in fact, we figured out how to sew the base of the military uniform for children with their own hands. Nothing complicated, is it?

Pilot - military headdress

A real cap with a lapel will be the main decoration of the child's image, and it's easy to sew it. Follow our step-by-step instructions and you will, of course, get:

  1. We take a small piece of cloth (left after sewing a tunic).
  2. Drawing a pattern.
  3. We translate the pattern on the fabric and cut out with an allowance of 1 cm.
  4. Now we sew the main parts around the edges.
  5. Next, bend and iron the seams.
  6. We insert the details into each other, we spread it on the smaller side.
  7. We turn it out, sweep it, iron it.
  8. We spend the top insert on three sides.
  9. We connect the elements.
  10. It remains to twist, stitch the edges and pat.
  11. Here is such a beautiful pilotage - the final accessory of the military uniform for children on May 9, we got.

Other components

Stitched our tunic and cap, it is suitable as a boy and a girl. In turn, complete the dress of the young princess can be a straight skirt, a small defender - trousers-riding breeches. Sewing the missing elements of military uniform on the child can be, using the usual pattern of trousers or skirts.