Pleurisy of the lungs - symptoms and treatment

Pleurisy is an inflammatory disease that affects the pleura of the outer shell of the lungs. It is a complex disease that causes severe complications: pleuropneumonia, gangrene of the lungs and irreversible diseases of the respiratory system. Therefore, after observing the first symptoms of pleurisy of the lungs, treatment with both medicamental and folk methods should be started immediately.

Symptoms of pleurisy

When pleurisy patients always complain of severe acute pain with respiratory movements. Pain sensations, as a rule, are localized in the zone of fibrinous overlapping and are significantly enhanced with a sharp deep inspiration or inclination. In this disease, almost all are observed:

If you do not start treatment of dry, effusive and purulent pleurisy of the lungs after the appearance of these symptoms, the patient's breathing becomes rapid and shallow, and breathing excursions will be asymmetrically limited on the side of the lesion.

In the apical pleurisy, which is characteristic of tuberculosis, there is soreness of the trapezius or pectoral muscles. When palpation of the chest in rare cases, it is possible to detect crepitation associated with breathing. It is also possible the appearance of noise of friction of the pleura. Sometimes he is heard from a distance. When oncology pleurisy of the lungs during the treatment of a tumor manifests itself with symptoms such as shortness of breath and cough.

Treatment of pleurisy

To treat pulmonary pleurisy caused by pneumonia, antibiotics are prescribed: Cefazolin or Abaktal. The rheumatic form of this disease is treated with glucocorticosteroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Betamethasone, Mazipredon, Triamcinoloma, etc.). With a symptomatic goal, the patient is shown taking analgesics, cardiovascular and diuretics.

Treatment of tuberculous pleurisy of the lungs is carried out with the help of a phthisiatrician and consists in the therapy with such drugs as:

In the presence of exudate with a large amount of effusion, it is necessary to resort to its evacuation by performing pleural puncture or drainage. Evacuate at a time is recommended not more than 1.5 liters of exudate, as this procedure can provoke cardiovascular complications, because the lungs are sharply straightened, and then quickly shifted back.

With purulent pleurisy of the lungs during treatment with antibiotics, it is necessary to wash the pleural cavity. This is done with the help of antiseptic solutions. In the chronic form of such a disease resort to surgery - pleurrectomy with decortication of the lung.

Treatment of pleurisy with folk remedies

At the initial stage of the disease, when only the first symptoms of pleurisy of the lungs appeared, treatment and prevention of complications can be done with herbs.

Herbal infusion recipe



A mixture of medicinal herbs pour boiling water. After 6 hours, drain and consume three times a day, half a tablespoon.

With viral pleurisy, it is better to use a decoction from the hellebore of the Caucasus.

The recipe for broth



Pour the roots with water and boil the mixture so that after evaporation you have 200 ml of liquid. The broth is taken 10 ml three times a day.

For the treatment of pleurisy of the lungs, you can use a folk remedy, such as a cottage cheese compress. It should be put on the back for 3 hours three times a day.