Simoron's technique

The technique of Simoron is difficult to attribute to any category. Someone thinks that this is a kind of magic, someone recognizes it as a psychological technique, and to some people it even seems like a joke and a game. The technique of Simoron , the magic science of attracting luck, is based on a positive view of all life phenomena. With her help, an optimist, attracting luck, can become everyone. In Simoron, the main thing is the mood: it should be light, light, "on the rise," "when the soul sings, and the body asks for flight."

Simoron technique - rituals

Simoron provides for the existence of basic rituals, which everyone can then "fit" on his own, supplemented by some significant for himself actions and things. There are no strict requirements to the invariability of the content of Simoron's techniques, unlike magical rituals, which should always be conducted with the utmost precision.

One of the most famous is the technique of bleaching simoron, aimed at achieving the desired. In this case, a simple ritual is used: on the sheet of paper on one side you write what you want to get rid of, on the other - what you want to buy in return. The "bad" side is torn off and destroyed, for example, burned. At the same time we appeal to the fire with a request to take this negative from your life. The second part is also burned, but at the same time we are already asking the Universe to fulfill your desire. It seems that all actions are comic, but this is not seriousness, raising the mood and adjusting to a positive mood, and helps the ritual work. The Simoron technique can be used to work out the pop-up images. This is a kind of "materialization of thoughts": having imagined in all the details, for example, a coveted new phone, you can very well "pull" it into your real life - to receive as a gift, win a lottery, etc.