The first trimester of pregnancy - what can you do that you can not?

The news about the upcoming motherhood makes every woman worried. Of course, with special trepidation and anxiety to their new position are the ladies, for whom pregnancy is an event long-awaited. But even those mothers, whose plans for the birth of the child has not yet entered, having realized and having made sudden adjustments, are also beginning to be interested in the question: what can and what can not be done in the first trimester of pregnancy.

What can and can not be done at the beginning of pregnancy?

Tiny handles and legs, toothless smile, the first "aga" - very soon a little daughter or son will make parents happy with their successes. But in order to experience this happiness and hear the conclusion of a neonatologist: "Your baby is absolutely healthy," the expectant mother must understand that at this stage the main responsibility for the life and health of her baby lies on her. Starting with the 1st trimester of pregnancy, a woman should clearly understand what she can now and can not, and, if necessary, change her way of life and habits. Yes, yes, it is from the first trimester, which starts from the first day of the last menstruation and lasts exactly 12 weeks. This period is considered the most dangerous and insidious, because there are no visible changes in the body of the woman yet, but a small life inside it develops at full speed. By the end of the 12th week , the kid's organs and systems are already formed, and it looks like a reduced copy of an adult: pens, legs, eyes, mouth - everything is in place and everything functions.

Actually, therefore, to get acquainted with the list of "what can and can not" a woman is better at the beginning of the first trimester of pregnancy.

  1. You should not worry about mothers who: life is subject to the rules of healthy eating, there is a place for walking outdoors in the schedule, and alcohol and smoking are completely under strict prohibition. These women need to more closely monitor their health, in particular, pay attention to the color and consistency of vaginal discharge, reduce physical activity, do not lift weights (more than 5 kg), avoid stress situations whenever possible. You should also be more careful with medication. Since even banal remedies for colds at the beginning of pregnancy can harm the health of crumbs. Do not get carried away and treatment of herbs and other folk remedies: some of them may well provoke miscarriage or fading of the fetus.
  2. As for women who, prior to pregnancy, did not particularly welcome a healthy lifestyle, it's time to re-evaluate their values ​​and prioritize. To begin, of course, it is worth noting the refusal of cigarettes and alcohol, then gradually change the diet. The menu of the pregnant woman should consist of their useful products: it is cottage cheese and milk containing calcium; fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins of different groups, meat and cereals. Refuse should be from exotic and potentially dangerous products, which can cause serious food poisoning and intoxication of the body. If the sports did not appear in the schedule of the future mother before pregnancy, then from the records in This area is better to abstain before the birth of a child. Since an extra unaccustomed load on the body can now play not in favor of mom and baby.

In conclusion, I want to say that pregnancy, of course, is not a disease, but a good reason to start taking care of yourself "beloved" is more anxious, to leave unnecessary worries about "burning" projects, ridiculous quarrels with bosses and colleagues. This is an occasion to drink vitamins, pamper yourself with useful goodies, and sometimes new things. In this special period of life, every woman has every right to enjoy intimacy with her baby and be happy. Will go toxicosis, fatigue and malaise will pass, and in memory there will be only joyful memories, as under the heart grew and the small son or daughter developed.