What do men like about women?

Many are concerned about the question of what men like about a woman. Psychologists say, the very first thing that a man pays attention to is his appearance. A girl must constantly monitor herself, take care of her skin, her hair. Fashionable and stylish to dress. Only fragrant scents should come from it.

Kindness and care and support. What a man does not dream of his wife praising and supporting in difficult times. Alas, more often the opposite happens - criticism and constant reproaches.

Devotion. Every man who respects himself at least a little will never forgive his half betrayal.

Love, tenderness and affection. Any man expects from a woman tenderness and affection. And since the woman is the keeper of the hearth, she is simply obliged to maintain harmony . Love men, and they will surely love you.

What do men like in bed with a woman?

Guys in bed like a lot, but the most important thing we list. So:

Why do men like women older?

Nowadays this is not surprising and has a simple explanation. A young girl, faced with difficulties in relationships, does not know how to behave and often begins to "hysterize." While an older woman, who has the knowledge and experience, presents herself in a favorable light. She can adequately bypass any quarrel party. There are many subtleties in the relationship with a man, which, unfortunately, because of their youth, young girls do not own. But older women produce wonderful impressions.

Do men like full women?

For women, the theme of weight is always relevant. Moreover, the people have the opinion that all male individuals prefer thin ones. But we dare to assure that according to the results of recent polls it turned out that most men prefer girls from 65 to 95 kg.

During the survey, they also found out who likes thin women. It turns out that these are young people under the age of 30. But the mature men held preferred to thin-skinned, full-chested, fluffy ladies.