What is better - biorevitalization or mesotherapy?

Among the leaders of modern cosmetology procedures for skin rejuvenation, today we can distinguish two methods - mesotherapy and biorevitalization. What is common between them and what are the main differences of these methods, we consider below.

What is the difference between mesotherapy and biorevitalization?

Under mesotherapy is a complex of invasive procedures, during which a rejuvenating cocktail is introduced into the middle layers of the skin (directly into the problem "hearth"). In addition to hyaluronic acid, it can contain other means - this is the difference between mesotherapy and biorevitalization, the latter implies the use of only hyaluronic acid, with injections point. This substance, as is known, is organic and is a part of the connective, nervous and epithelial tissue of man, and is also directly responsible for the processes of skin regeneration.

About preparations

If to judge simply, mesotherapy is a common name for interdermal injections from a variety of useful substances. And biorevitalization is an injection only with hyaluronic acid.

In the framework of mesotherapy (which is used not only by cosmetologists, but also by doctors from other areas - for example, for the treatment of joints), the "dermis reservoir" is introduced:

Drugs or a cocktail of them are injected to a depth of 5 mm and begin to nourish organs and tissues.

Another difference between biorevitalization and mesotherapy is that the latter has a broader spectrum of action and is rather a health-improving procedure, while hyaluronic acid injections are directed solely at restoring youthful skin by replenishing acid stores, retaining moisture and synthesizing collagen and elastin.

Difficult choice

Which is better - biorevitalization or mesotherapy, depends on the problem to be solved. The first technique is aimed at women over 30 years old, for whom the problems of skin aging are urgent. The second - will help to keep your skin toned for 20 - 25 years, making it more fresh.

Mesotherapy is also indicated for:

Depending on the problem, the doctor selects the right composition, which is injected into the skin and helps to improve it. Such injections are done in any part of the body.

Biorevitalization will be useful when fighting with:

The obtained artificially stabilized hyaluronic acid, as already noted, replenishes the exhausted reserves of its natural "colleague", due to which moisture is retained in the cells and the amount of elastin and collagen increases. Such procedures are carried out on the face, the decollete zone.

be careful

Answering the question what is more painful - mesotherapy or biorevitalization, we note that both procedures are performed using an anesthetic gel, because they reduce unpleasant sensations to a minimum.

It should be noted that in preparations for mesotherapy in addition to the basic active substances (vitamins, trace elements, etc.) contain auxiliary components: sulfurous acid salts, propylene glycol, etc. They often cause allergic reactions.

Mixing medicines is also risky: only an experienced cosmetologist can vouch for the safety of the cocktail and the synergy of its components. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to choose the most authoritative clinic, and the doctor who makes injections should have the appropriate qualification. Actually, just the cosmetologist, evaluating the skin condition, will most accurately answer that in your particular case it is more effective - biorevitalization or mesotherapy.