What to bring from Malaysia?

Today Malaysia is developing rapidly, while combining the oldest cultures - Indian, Chinese and Malaysian - and the most advanced advanced technologies. No less important place for tourists is shopping in Malaysia . It is not for nothing that this country is rightfully considered to be the center of trade of Southeast Asia.

Where to shop?

A myriad of shops, markets, shopping streets and factories that offer a huge assortment of goods all contribute to successful purchases. You can start with shopping centers, which in Kuala Lumpur about 40, and markets and bazaars even more.

The most famous retail outlets of the capital:

What to buy?

Having dealt with the choice of shops, it remains to be decided: what can you buy an unusual in Malaysia tourist? There are many answers to this question, for example:

Features of shopping in Malaysia:

One of the shopping bonuses in Malaysia is that many goods here are exempt from fees. At the same time, there are some nuances that a tourist should know:

  1. In any shopping center there is an information desk where you can find out the detailed layout of the shops. Without it, walking on floors is meaningless, because floors from 5 to 12, they can just get confused.
  2. Buy warm outerwear here is almost impossible, because in Malaysia hot climate. But with very large discounts you can buy things of last year's summer collections.
  3. Technics and electronics, which says "Made in Malasia", is not profitable to buy: there is practically no difference in price with our stores. If you still decide on such a purchase, be sure to take an international guarantee.
  4. All the shopping centers of the country set the prices for goods at the same price - it is cheaper to look for no sense. It is this nuance that distinguishes Malaysia from other countries.
  5. The season of sales takes place 3 times a year: March, July-August, December. The most colossal discounts of 30-70% in all stores begin and end synchronously, dates are announced in advance. The operating mode of the shopping center is: daily 10: 00-22: 00, the markets are open until 24:00 without holidays.