Which mattress for a newborn is better?

Babies spend most of their time in their crib. And the greater part of which is occupied by sleep. Of course, the duration of each child is individual, but on average the newborn spends up to 17 hours in a dream, and the baby is 14 years closer to the year. That is why caring and loving parents need to worry in advance about the quality of children's furniture, and most importantly - a mattress in a baby cot .

How to choose a baby mattress for a newborn?

When preparing to become parents, future moms and dads should understand that when choosing any children's accessories one should not be guided by bright colorful drawings and low cost. And, mainly, this rule applies to the choice of a baby mattress in a crib for a newborn. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the features of the structure of the newborn, its fragile backbone and bone system, which requires reliable support for proper development and even posture.

Therefore, a soft baby mattress in a crib for a newborn is not an option. Provide a sound and healthy sleep to the baby are capable only of products that meet the following requirements:

  1. The best mattresses for newborns are necessarily tough.
  2. The dimensions of the children's mattress should match the size of the bed. The mattress can be smaller in width and length by a maximum of 2 and 1 cm, respectively, so that the child can not pinch his fingers.
  3. The material of which the mattress for the newborn consists, should be natural and ecological.
  4. If the parents plan to use the mattress before 3-4 years, it is better that it should be orthopedic.
  5. To ensure that the mattress is well ventilated, its cover must be made of cotton or jacquard cloth.
  6. The mattress pad will save Mom from unnecessary trouble if an accident occurs in the crib. Therefore, it is not superfluous to purchase such a practical waterproof supplement complete with a mattress.

Which mattress filler for a newborn is better?

The assortment of good mattresses for newborns is quite large for today, that's why the parents face a real dilemma, which one is better. After all, almost everyone meets all the requirements. Therefore, when choosing a product, it is worth starting from filling the mattress, the period of planned operation and financial possibilities.

So, the most common fillers that are used to make children's mattresses are:

  1. Coconut coir , obtained from natural coconut fiber. Such mattresses have the necessary rigidity and antibacterial properties, are well ventilated, resistant to dust and moisture, do not cause allergies.
  2. Natural latex is a material with a porous structure, elastic enough, withstands a great load and yet does not lose its original shape. Latex mattresses are more suitable for low temperatures. Often natural latex is combined with coconut shaving, resulting in mattresses with a function of winter-summer.
  3. Polyurethane foam is an artificial, but, nevertheless, sufficiently high-quality material. Non-toxic, waterproof, hypoallergenic, and at an affordable price.
  4. The struttofiber consists of natural and artificial compressed fibers. Has all the necessary properties.

Particular attention deserves spring mattresses. Such mattresses well relieve stress and fatigue, allow you to relax to the fullest. However, for newborns only spring mattresses with independent blocks are suitable. Otherwise, the product will not have an orthopedic effect.