Why do men like to look at women's buttocks?

It is possible to observe quite often how the representatives of the stronger sex turn to the beauty passing by them. Often their eyes fall exactly on the fifth point of the female body. Carrying out some researches tells about why men like to look at women's buttocks so much.

Why do men attract women's buttocks?

Scientists have found out that men are interested in a beautiful and elastic female booty on a subconscious level. And most of all the representatives of the stronger sex pay attention to those girls whose spine sags at a certain angle.

By nature, a man is a male who wants to have a healthy offspring. History shows that women with a bend of the spine at an angle of 45 degrees are more likely to have a successful pregnancy and childbirth. And for a good heredity is important, not only the deflection of the waist, but also the elasticity of the muscles in the pelvic region. Developed muscles indicate that a woman has the power necessary for bearing and the birth of a healthy child.

It is these instincts that explain why men like to look at women's buttocks. Psychologically, this attitude to female forms is maintained at a subconscious level to this day.

Also, experts say that the tight buttocks indicate a good sexual activity of a woman, which also causes interest in the opposite sex.

Why do men like to touch women's buttocks?

Based on the results of research, it can be said with certainty that the female buttocks are the levers of power over the man. Girls who have a beautiful booty in every way try to emphasize their dignity, wearing tight clothes or mini skirts . It is natural for men at the sight of such a picture there is a natural urge to touch beautiful elastic forms and to seize that very woman.