A mini-album in the technique of scrapbooking is an unusual idea

There are such days, memories of which you especially want to keep. And like there are a few photos, but they are some kind of special, sincere. The ideal solution in this case can be a small album for a dozen photos, which you can quickly do yourself.

Mini-album accordion with your own hands - master class

Necessary tools and materials:

How to make a mini-album in the technique of scrapbooking with your own hands:

  1. From white cardboard we cut out the basis for the album cover and make a creasing (forcing the places of folds) in the center.
  2. Cover the sizing with a sintepon and cover it with a cloth.
  3. Cover the cover around.
  4. On the cover we make a layout out of ornaments and begin to gradually patch - from the lower layers to the upper ones.
  5. As a holder, you can use an ordinary or openwork (as in my case) elastic band. We sew it on the back of the cover and cover the untidy ends with a cotton ribbon.
  6. On the inside of the cover we glue the fabric.
  7. Next we make a folding substrate for the photo - the size of the substrate is 34.5x16.5. We make the creasing by dividing the substrate into three equal parts 11.5x16.5
  8. We make 10 paper elements of the size 11x16.
  9. We glue the paper substrates, then glue the photos on them and stitch them.
  10. Finally, we glue our clamshells to the inside of the cover.

Also, you can make a wonderful treasure chest of your own with your own hands .

The author of the master class is Maria Nikishova.