Anticorrosive bottles

To the birth of a child, modern parents are prepared very carefully. So much is needed to care for a small sweet lump! When large purchases have already been committed, it's up to the little things. This, for example, concerns a baby bottle. It will be needed in any case: with breastfeeding or artificial feeding. Before mothers there is a difficult choice - in fact the assortment of this attribute of the children's dowry is quite wide. Many only in the store of children's goods for the first time learn from the seller-consultant about anti-bullet bottles. Do they really have such an effect?

How do anti-bullet feeding bottles work?

In the first three to four months of life the digestive system of the baby is not committed. It adapts to new conditions, the enzyme system is not yet mature, there is increased gas formation. All this leads to intestinal colic. This is called paroxysmal pain in the abdomen. The kid behaves restlessly, cries, even screams and does not sleep well. Also, a frequent cause of their appearance is ingestion of air during feeding or crying, which contributes to the increase in the formation of gases and bloating.

It is with swallowing of the air during feeding and a bottle of colic is struggling. It is characterized by a curved and slightly elongated shape in the upper part: the nipple is better filled. These bottles have a ventilation system with a special bottom. Unscrewing it, you let the air penetrate into the container and shift the power to the top of the bottle. Due to this, air bubbles in the mixture will not enter the baby's stomach.

There are systems with a valve in the nipple or the top of the bottle, which avoids the formation of vacuum and pressure build-up.

What bottle of colic to choose?

Bottles with such ventilation systems are produced at the moment only by foreign manufacturers. The market is represented by popular companies: AVENT (England), NUK (Germany), Nuby (USA), Dr.Brown (USA), Chicco (Italy), Canpol (Poland), Bertoni (Bulgaria)

For example, the AVENT bottle has a wide neck and an anti-vacuum system at the base of the nipple.

Inclined and angular shape are the products from Nuby, Chicco, Canpol, BebeComfort.

The bottle from Adrini - Breastbottle is soft, completely made of silicone, simulates the female breast. Its ventilation system is represented by an air valve in the bottom, 3 holes in the nipple opening as the maturity grows.

In a bottle of Dr.Brown air penetrates into the special tube through the holes in the upper part and does not mix with the mixture.

As you can see, the choice of anti-coil bottles is quite wide, when buying them, one should be guided by one's own taste and monetary possibilities.