Ascesis - what is it, how and why do penance?

At all times there were people for whom spiritual self-improvement was of paramount importance. Asceticism is not a path for the weak in spirit, but even an ordinary person, who has decided to experience and know himself through limitations, is able to do it. The performer of austerity multiplies its capabilities a hundredfold - so the sources of wisdom say.

Asceticism - what is it?

Spiritual practices - an integral part of the life of ascetics - people who have become on the road of asceticism. A person begins to think that he is not only a body, but a spirit. Asceticism is a conscious choice of the path of self-perfection, consisting in a self-sacrificing striving for spiritual and physical purity through self-limiting practices, rigid vows and voluntary deprivation of many benefits. The purposes of asceticism can be different:

How to do penance?

Asceticism is a practice that exists in many religious faiths and it is necessary to approach it correctly to start it. The impulse that arises in the soul is a signal to the need to change something in your life and this is the beginning of thinking about asceticism. The next important step is to seek information from the religious source, to which the person belongs, everywhere there are its subtleties. The power of austerity lies in the sincere desire of the soul and the greatest benefit when exercises in asceticism are performed in goodness:

  1. Ascesis - bodily practices . The body is a temple of the soul, if a person looks at it from a spiritual position, everything falls into place. External purity is the use of a cool shower 2 times a day. Internal purity is the reception of simple and useful food . Observance of the posts is aimed at cleansing the body. Moderate physical activity is also very important.
  2. Austerity is mental . The study of literature about the good people who left a mark in history, thanks to their sacrifice and philanthropy, overcame themselves in vices and rose in virtue. Analyzing your actions during the day and keeping track of your thoughts helps you see what you need to work with.
  3. Ascesis of speech is aimed at reducing negative vibrations in space. Gossip, condemnation, disgruntled statements and moralizing take away the energy of one who slanders. The austerity of silence is useful - a person practices non-conscientiousness for a certain period of time (day) and notes an improvement in well-being and energy. Truthfulness in speech increases intuition and extrasensory perception.

True adherence to asceticism is based on the following important rules:

  1. Respect for parents and older by age. Without this, a person can not achieve success in society.
  2. Simplicity is to see in another person, not to be arrogant. Pride is a grave sin.
  3. Nonviolence - all life is sacred. Everyone has the right to choose his ways and vision. Using manipulation with the consciousness of others leads to the illusion of power, but in the end can lead to mental ill health. Nonviolence in thoughts, words, actions is the path of a good man.
  4. Chastity, both feminine and masculine, strengthens goodness.

Austerity for a woman

Female austerities are very beneficial for the family and others. The woman's spiritual path is concluded in the service of the family and the development of her feminine essence. Severe austerities are not for the fairer sex. All that activity that is committed by a woman every day is the way of asceticism. Yes, women's duties, which many do not like, but if you start them with pleasure and knowingly a woman gets all the benefits. Female austerity is:

Asceses for women to get married

Most of the girls in the society are conservative in their views, and meeting with the boys before marriage, preaching free connections - deep down they hope to meet one and only for the rest of their lives. Youth passes, but the candidate does not exist. What should a woman do in this case? Thinking and reviewing relationships with people can provide answers. Existing female austerities for marriage:

  1. Father and mother - a harmonious relationship with parents. If there are conflicts and non-acceptance of parents, the lack of gratitude and respect for them, especially to the father - getting married will be difficult. The asceticism will consist in accepting the parents and withdrawing their claims and expectations in relation to what they did not give.
  2. Help to the needy.
  3. Communication with married women. Family atmosphere helps to be imbued with goodness, such a woman becomes interesting for men looking for a companion life.
  4. Prayers or mantras help to build a bridge between a woman and Divine powers, from which one can ask her husband. For women, it can be the Virgin Mary, Paraskeva Friday , Ancient Slavic goddess Makosh, Green Tara.

Ascension for the birth of children

Austerities for conception require a high concentration of spouses on the desired. If a woman is barren she can resort to penance through fasting and prayer. A very strong intention to have a child pronounces by a woman before she starts to fast, she is given a vow to practice meditation or fasting for a certain period of time, in return for adherence she asks for a baby. All that energy that accumulates from such austerity is transformed into the fulfillment of desire.

Austerity for men

Male austerities presuppose rigor and more rigid self-restraint than feminine ones. Self-discipline and control are important for a man and his career in society - this is due respect. For the stronger sex, austerities are useful:

Ascesis for the mind

Austerities for men give strength and endurance. Mental austerities help to know the world and the relationships between people. The practice is to control and control the mind. An uncontrollable mind is the cause of many misfortunes. The education of positive intelligence through the filtering of thoughts, states is everyday work. Anger, hatred, passion are unhappy emotions that are eradicated during the practice of penance for the mind.

Ascesis in Orthodoxy

The practice of asceticism in Christianity is accomplished through prayers. Before the image of God is given a vow or promise, which man strives to fulfill. Orthodox asceticism involves visiting Sunday and festive services, communion and confession. Much attention is paid to the asceticism of speech: one can not blaspheme, remember the name of God in vain, perjure.

Austerity and fasting

Cleansing the body has a beneficial effect on the human body. Ascesis in nutrition makes the psyche harmonious: anger and greed disappear. Fasting in significant religious holidays strengthens people in their faith in God. Abandoning heavy animal food makes the mind and body easy. Among practitioners of penance, there are many cases of spontaneous healing from severe ailments.