Botox for hair

The injections of beauty allow to return the skin to the face smoothness, help to look younger for 10 or even 15 years. By analogy with the injections of Botox, a procedure that returns beauty and gloss to our locks was called botox for hair. Another thing is that Botox in the composition of these ushodovyh funds there.

Secrets of the Botox Procedure for Hair

To date, there are several manufacturers of components for carrying out botox for hair. The composition of all these means is somewhat different, but the action is almost identical. Filling the space between the scales of each hair, botox for the hair makes it smooth and durable. And, of course, healthy! Nutrients seem to be sealed inside and make our hair grow faster and shine. The standard procedure is as follows:

  1. Hair is cleaned with a special soft shampoo, preparing them for the action of active substances.
  2. A hairdresser or a beautician applies a therapeutic serum (actually, Botox) with a syringe to every strand of your hair along the entire length.
  3. After the whole mass of hair is processed, the active compound is left for a few minutes, after which the scalp massage is performed. Often the masters wriggle their hair along their entire length, helping the serum to spread more evenly, foaming it.
  4. Some manufacturers suggest to work on hair with hot air, others miss this stage of the procedure. Be that as it may, the hair should be completely dry before it can be combed.

Treatment of hair by botox makes it possible to solve the following problems:

Which botox should I choose?

Нonma Тokyo

To date, all hairdressers, without exception, recommend Botox for hair Nonma Tokyo. This is Japanese cosmetics, which includes keratin, amino acids, extracts of medicinal plants, vitamin C and other useful components. Unlike other representatives of Asian botox for hair, the products of Nonma Toko does not contain formaldehyde, therefore it is absolutely safe. With the help of this botox you can return the attractiveness of even very badly damaged hair.


Botox for hair Kallos produce in Hungary and reviews on this product are also very encouraging. The procedure allows you to deeply moisturize hair follicles, accelerate hair growth and restore their health. In addition, you can carry it yourself, at home. Ampoules are sold in a free access complete with a syringe, the manufacturer does not provide for drying with a hair dryer, in addition, after applying the medicinal composition to the hair, it should be washed off with water after 15 minutes.


Botox from Loreal is very popular. This is a wonderful tool that will give your hair smoothness, softness and shine for 2-3 weeks. This is due to keratin in the composition. The disadvantage can be attributed only to the need for prolonged thermal exposure, without which the serum can not glue the scales of hair. In essence, this kind of botox is analogous to keratin hair straightening, so if you want to keep your curls, the procedure will have to be abandoned.

Asian Botox for Hair

This tool aims to make hair more durable and strong, to give them extra volume and shine. There are several manufacturers, but almost all products are the same - nourish the hair from the inside and prevent loss of moisture. Before you purchase an Asian medicine, try to find its composition in English. Thus, you will insure yourself against the dishonesty of manufacturers, which add formalin and other harmful substances to some types of Botox. If you carry out the procedure yourself and use a hair dryer with a high temperature, the vapors of formalin and formaldehyde can be seriously poisoned.