Children's sports games

The basis of healthy development of the baby is children's outdoor games . They will not only develop the clarity of the movements of the baby, but will also teach him how to communicate, compete and strive for victory. As a rule, they are all very simple and can be conducted with almost any number of participants.

Sports games in kindergarten: "Swamp"

Each player is given a pair of pieces of paper. They have to overcome the "swamp", jumping on improvised bumps - these same sheets of paper. The child must put a sheet in front of him, stand on it, put another, jump, raise the first and lay it in front of him, moving thus to the end of the swamp. The participant who first climbs the room (or the marked section on the ground) and returns to the start is the winner.

Children's sports games with the ball: "Kangaroo"

Each of the players has to clamp the tennis ball between the knees and jump over the previously agreed distance. If the ball falls, you need to return it to its original place and continue the path. The player who overtakes opponents, and is considered the winner.

Children's sports games on the street and at home: "Bilboque"

You will need small preparations: take a ball for tennis, and glue a string to it 40-50 cm long. Attach the second end of the lace to the bottom of the plastic cup. This design - and there is "bilboque", an ancient game that came from France. The essence of the game - you need to throw a ball and catch it with a glass. Every successful attempt is counted, the account is recorded. The first unsuccessful attempt - and the move goes to the other player. The winner is the one who will score the maximum number of points.

Such simple children's sports games can be held even for one child, either acting as an opponent, or offering him to beat his own record.