Bike wings

The controversy about whether you need wings for a bicycle, does not fade even for a moment in the environment of amateur cyclists. In fact, each person solves this issue for himself, because for someone important is the maximum speed and aerodynamics, it is important for someone to keep the attractive appearance of the bike, not spoiled by wings. And the one who prefers comfort, chooses wings for protection from water and dirt.

How to choose the wings for a bicycle?

If the issue is resolved in favor of the wings, then there is a difficult choice. More precisely, there is nothing complicated in it, because it is enough to understand their specifics, so that skating would bring pleasure, and not discomfort.

Wings for a bicycle should be chosen depending on the type of the bike itself. After all, there are many varieties of them - hardtails, mountain , highway, two-pods, walking, and for each one should choose such accessories that will be in harmony with the general concept of a two-wheeled friend.

The most important thing that should be paid attention to those who care about speed - the weight and size of the wing. Until now, you can find on sale metal wings, but they obviously will weight the bicycle. Optimal option - metal plastic, which is both light and durable.

Wings for mountain biking

The most popular in recent years have become so-called mountain bikes and this popularity is growing steadily. The fact is that due to its excellent off-road ability, good cushioning and attractive design, this bike is universal both for the city and for rough terrain.

Since the very concept of the bike implies extreme, which includes riding in bad weather, it is very good to have universal bicycles for this purpose to protect against water and dirt. The idea is that they can be easily mounted and dismantled if necessary, as well as in a small size, so that they can easily be put in a hiking backpack.

Often, such wings are rather decorative and made of plastic. Buying them, you should look at the fact that their width should overlap the width of the tire, otherwise there will be no meaning in them. Sometimes it is difficult to find suitable wings if a wide rubber is used.

In good weather, in order not to disturb the aerodynamics by unnecessarily hanging the wings, they are simply removed, because it is very simple to do - just unscrew a couple of bolts. In addition to the wings on the rear and front wheel for the bicycle there is a mini-wing, which is attached to the lower part of the frame. This is done so that in extremely extreme conditions, dirt from the front wheel does not fall on the front sprocket, thereby protecting it.

Wings for road bicycles

Shosseiniki often equipped with wings, and they look much more harmonious than the plastic wings for mountain bikes. These wings are of full size and reliably protect against dirt and water from asphalt. In addition to the wing itself, the protection is provided by an additional rubberized splash guard, which terminates the wing, as it descends almost to the level of the road.

Some nuances of wings for a bicycle

Experienced cyclists have long known that what would be the ideal wings for a bicycle, rain and stormy weather they will not protect the rider. And only with a wet and dirty earth they will slightly delay throwing it at a person. That is, you should know that the less dirt and water, the better the function of the wings. And, accordingly, the dirtier, the worse they will cope with the task.

Despite this, no matter how unreliable wings are, they will prevent dirt from getting on the face and water on the back of the bicyclist, which is very important for long tourist trips , when the possibility of drying clothes is not expected.