Exercise Top Fitness - a set of exercises for weight loss

The Top Fitness device is the ideal solution for people who can not walk into the gym, but at the same time they want to throw off extra pounds and bring the body into tonus. A simple and compact design consists of a platform, two expanders with handles. You can perform more than 50 exercises on it.

How to use the Top Fitness machine?

A simple and compact device can replace dumbbells, fitball and even some professional equipment. There are several recommendations that should be considered before using the exercise equipment for the Top Fit home.

  1. First, it is important to read the instructions and adjust the length of the bundles so that it is convenient to do. To do this, flip the platform and pass through the ledges of the expander, selecting the desired length.
  2. After a certain time, when the first results are achieved, it is necessary to move the tows to increase the resistance.
  3. Universal simulator with expanders The top fit is used to perform different exercises that are important to do, observing the technique, otherwise there will be no results.

Fitness Top Fitness

Trainers give simple tips for forming an effective complex:

  1. For good results, you need to practice regularly, that is, at least three times a week.
  2. Exercises on the simulator The top fit should be performed, constantly increasing the load and the number of repetitions. Beginners need to start from 10-15 times. Ideally, it is recommended to do 20-25 in 2-3 approaches.
  3. Effective training will be effective if it lasts at least half an hour.

Fitness Top Fitness - weight loss exercises

The most common problem areas on the woman's body are buttocks and thighs. Home Fitness The top fit will help remove cellulite and make these areas tight and beautiful.

  1. Sit on the platform, bending your knees and placing your feet on the arms so that the socks are pointing upwards. Hands rest on the floor, putting them behind. Perform straightening of the legs, fix the position at the end point and return to the initial position.
  2. Exercise The top fit can be used for this exercise: stand on all fours, putting your knees on the platform. Leave one handle aside, and the other pass the leg. Carry the leg back, trying to lift it as far as possible. Lower your leg and pull it to your chest. Make the necessary number of repetitions, and then do the same on the other side.

Exercise Top Fitness - exercises for the press

Dream to have a flat stomach with a beautiful relief, then it is necessary to practice regularly. Knowing how to do exercises on the Top fit machine for the press, you can see good results in a few weeks of work.

  1. Knees stand on the platform and hold the handles, which should be put on the floor. At the expense of the wheels, move them forward, lowering the body downwards taking a horizontal position. It is important to keep the press in constant tension. After fixing the position by pulling the muscles of the press, pull the rollers toward you, assuming the initial position.
  2. The sports trainer The top fit can be used for the development of the lateral muscles of the press. Sit on your side and place the platform under your knees. One pen does not participate in the exercise, and take the other handle into your hand and place it on the floor near the body. Carry the wheel to the side, tilting and pulling the body. After fixing the position, return to the starting position.

Exercise Top Fitness - Exercises for Back

With a simple device, you can load back muscles to get rid of pain, improve posture and remove fat folds. Having a home fitness machine Top fit, exercises for the waist or spine can be performed at any time.

  1. Sitting on the floor, stretch your legs forward and put your feet on the platform of the simulator. Handles the crosses and hold them on outstretched arms. The back must be straight.
  2. Pull the handles towards you, bending your arms in the elbows and pulling them back. At this time, you need to tilt the body a little, pull the shoulder blades and move the chest forward. The lower part of the body remains motionless.
  3. Held in the end point for a couple of seconds, you can slowly return to the starting position.

Top fitness equipment - contraindications

Although the design is simple, training with this simulator has contra-indications. Do not engage if there are serious health problems, such as back injuries or articular disease. A simulator with expanders The top fit is not allowed to be used by people during an exacerbation of chronic diseases. Before starting workouts, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor.