Ferula Dzungarian - healing properties

In Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Iran, India, as well as in some areas of Siberia and Altai, there is a unique plant that locals call "omik". Medicine it is known as Ferula Djungar - the healing properties of this herb from the umbrella family have long been used in the therapy of diseases of the digestive and cardiovascular system, as well as oncological pathologies.

Healing properties of Ferula Dzungarian

For therapeutic purposes, only the root of omium and milky juice are used, which is released at the breaking of its stem. It is in these parts of the ferule that the necessary substances are contained:

The latter indicated component produces a pronounced antitumor effect and helps normalize blood glucose levels.

In addition, the omic has the following beneficial effects on the body:

What treats Dzungarian Ferula?

Therapeutic drugs based on omics are used by folk and conservative medicine externally and orally.

For internal use, the ferula is prescribed for the following diseases:

Outwardly, the funds with Dzungarian ferula are used in the treatment of such problems:

How to prepare a tincture from Ferula Jungar and preserve its healing properties?

It is not difficult to make a medicinal product from omium, the most important thing is to take it right.

Tincture recipe


Preparation and use

Grind raw materials from ohmic and mix it with vodka in a glass container. Tightly clog the dishes and insist the solution for 10-14 days.

The method of using the obtained tincture is a whole reception scheme. In the morning of the first day of therapy, you need to drink 1 drop drug, and in the evening - two. On the following day, repeat the procedure, increasing in each dose of 1 drop of solution. The treatment continues until the evening portion reaches 20 drops. After this, tincture should be taken within 20 days in the maximum dosage (20 drops). On the 21st day, the portion begins to decrease in reverse order - 1 drop in each dose, until the dose again becomes minimal (1 drop in the morning).

The presented tincture should be diluted in 100 ml of boiled non-cold water if the number of drops does not exceed 19 pieces. At the maximum portion, the drug should be dissolved in 200 ml of water.