Fried Tofu

Tofu - curd cheese, which is made from soy milk, as a result, produces a cheese of vegetable origin.

Tofu is in great demand, as in Japan, China, and with us. Especially not indifferent to this cheese are vegetarians. It's just a storehouse of protein.

Very fried fried cheese tofu. Even those who are disappointed in this cheese at the first acquaintance, fried option is to taste. Fried tofu, the recipes of which we prepared for you, pleasantly diversify the menu, and provide your body with easily digestible vegetable protein.

Tofu fried with tomatoes



Fry until golden brown bars of soft tofu paned in flour. Add the chopped onion, tomato slices and fry.

Mix tomatoes and onions with soy sauce, sugar, lemon juice. With this sauce we water fried tofu. Sprinkle with chopped herbs.

Fried tofu with vegetables



Tofu cubes are dipped in soy sauce. They should lie down a little and absorb the aroma of the sauce.

Fry in the oil ginger and garlic so that the oil has acquired their flavor. After that, ginger and garlic is extracted from the oil and is no longer used anymore.

In a fragrant oil, tofu fry, preliminarily having dried and having rolled in a flour of brusochki. Then in the same oil fry until ready to frozen vegetable mix.

Mix the cheese with vegetables, add a little more soy sauce to taste and sprinkle with sesame seeds. A useful and tasty dish is ready.

Ready tofu can be served, for example, to a stewed chicken with vegetables , or used as the main ingredient for a warm salad .