Furniture in the corridor - how to arrange furniture in the corridor and not break the interior?

The hallway is a small room, so the furniture in the corridor is selected attractive, compact, at the maximum functional, in order to keep as much free space in the room as possible. The entrance area should be given special attention so that guests and hosts feel comfortable in it.

Hallways in the corridor

In the design of the corridor, furniture occupies a dominant position, there are many options for its arrangement. You can use a single design, combining several modules at once, or to do a selection of comfortable and roomy furniture from individual items. The hallway should include:

Built-in furniture in the corridor

Modern built-in furniture in the corridor saves space in the room by eliminating the distance to the walls, the possibility of adjusting to the specific conditions of the room. It is installed in vacant, little used places, helps to furnish non-standard rooms and hide design flaws. The complex can consist of a cabinet, mezzanines, open shelves, it allows you to create your own version of the interior.

Built-in cabinets occupy the entire height of the passer-by from floor to ceiling, as walls, in the room are used as side, rear partitions, bottom and roof. This increases the volume available for clothing, solves the problem of dust accumulation on surfaces. The arrangement of shelves inside the complex is chosen arbitrarily, which increases its practicality. A weighty plus of built-in furniture in the corridor - sliding doors, they improve the situation with free space in the hallway.

Upholstered furniture for the corridor

Well, if the hallway has a place to install a small benches , bench, puffin. They allow you to sit comfortably to wear shoes, are useful for your functionality. The ottomans in this sense are more mobile - they can easily be rearranged if necessary. They can be located on either side of the curbstone, chest or in the corner. And a sofa or a banquet can be installed under a clothes hanger or in a free place of a wall.

Soft furniture for the corridor in the apartment should be roomy - the free space in it is used to store seasonal things. It is equipped with drawers or folding seats that open access to the pedestal. Materials from which a soft place is made must be wear-resistant and easily washable. It is better to pay attention to products made of eco-leather or jacquard, they are strong and will give the hallway a status look.

Cabinet furniture in the corridor

Now there is case furniture in the corridor, it is a cheap way to equip a small hallway. A variety of furnishings can be purchased in ready-made form. Corpus hall - suitable furniture in a narrow corridor, small-sized hruschevku, it is made according to standard measurements. It includes cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers, bedside tables. They are functional, cheap, roomy, simply fit into the dimensions of the room. Case furniture can easily be rearranged, changing the interior.

Modern modular furniture in the corridor

Increasing popularity of modular kits is due to the fact that you can independently compose furniture ensembles, acquiring only the necessary interior items. They save space, perfectly cope with the function of storing things, they are compact, practical, modern design. Arrange the objects with a taste, so that the hallway gets a stylish look.

Furniture for the corridor, equipped with modules, helps to furnish the room as comfortable as possible. Developers offer the following items - a hanger, a cabinet with door-compartment, chest of drawers, pedestals for shoes, a narrow pencil case, a shelf, a mirror. Designs can be assembled into whole headsets, abandoning unnecessary elements, specific modules are purchased separately, rearranging them as necessary.

Corner furniture in the corridor

Another type of furniture hallway in the corridor - small-angle models that are used in rooms with a small area or non-standard shape. They help to achieve maximum functionality and roominess with minimal use of free space. Corner furniture in the corridor is available in several types:

  1. L-shaped, represents two modules connected by a common line.
  2. In the form of a triangle with a single facade.
  3. Trapezoidal with lateral compartments.

The set may include a cabinet, a hanger, mezzanines, pencil cases, cabinets, shelves, a banquet, a mirror. The doors in it can be either sliding or swinging - the corner construction leaves a lot of room for them. Sections are used both open and closed. Inside the angular hallways differ in spaciousness, they are equipped with a large number of boxes, shelves, compartments.

Light furniture in the corridor

Acquire a set in a small corridor in which natural light is not enough, designers recommend in light colors. It visually expands the room, creates the illusion of greater illumination, looks neat, fresh. To such tones it is possible to carry warm beige, dairy, sand, light-brown colors or cold - blue, olive, mint, gray and their shades.

Light furniture fits well with both white and dark or bright walls. In a small room it is better to combine close to each other colors or shades of the same color. As a stylistics for light furnishings is ideal for Provence with the advantage of beige, lavender, olive tones, classic or modern with natural shades, high-tech with an abundance of silvery colors.

Dark furniture in the corridor

Heads of dark or bright colors can be installed in spacious hallways, they can visually narrow the room, well mask the spots and defects. But to overload such a furnished room is not worth it, so that it does not look gloomy. It is allowed to use dark (up to black) furniture for a small corridor, if it is equipped with a sufficient number of fixtures. For example, a lot of point lamps that compensate for the lack of sunlight.

It is better to place a dark hallway or wardrobe in a room with light walls. Against this background, such an object of the situation will look good. Widely used a combination of contrasting colors - a light fa├žade and a dark body or vice versa. More than three tones in one room are not recommended to be combined. As a stylistics for dark furnishings, a classic with tinted wood options, minimalism with an abundance of black and white contrasts is excellent.

White furniture in the corridor

The white entrance hall is a great way to erase the boundaries of space in a very small room. Depending on the size of the room, you can arrange various storage systems - open or closed. White furniture - a closet in the corridor, shelves, cabinets, pencil cases, banquettes, shelves are not able to create heaps, they always look easy and airy.

Diversify such a set of appropriately colorful accents - mirror doors, contrasting upholstery on the couch, inserts of transparent or frosted glass, elements of dark wood, decorative ornaments of facades. As a stylistics for such furnishings the Scandinavian design with an abundance of snow-white furnishings, minimalism in predominantly dairy tone, modern, saturated with light colors is suitable.

How to arrange furniture in the corridor?

Arrangement of furniture in the corridor is performed in accordance with the principles of practicality and functionality. Place the items of use should be so that to use them, and to pass to other rooms was as convenient as possible. It is important that there is no risk of hitting the sharp corners of the cabinet or the open cabinet doors. The closet is better to install on any free wall: opposite the entrance door or on the side of it, the ideal place for it is a niche, but it is not in all layouts.

A shelf for shoes is placed immediately on the side of the door so that, stepping over the threshold of the house, shoes and shoes can be removed immediately. If the hanger is not hidden in the closet, then it is fastened next to the entrance. The shelf under the keys must be mounted at the height of the outstretched human hand from the side where the door hinges are located. Mirror, if it is not built into the headset, is attached to the wall free from the cabinet, above the curbstone.