Halloween for children

In vain, some adults are afraid of participating in a costume ball at Halloween, which is so attractive to children. This fear comes from ignorance of the roots of the celebration. But if you dig a little in history, it becomes clear that there is nothing terrible in it. About the origins of this event can be told to children in an accessible form for them so that they understand the meaning of what is happening.

The history of Halloween for children

Some people think that the holiday came to us from America, but this is not true. In fact, it began to celebrate the ancient Irish or the Celts. Then the tradition gradually moved to England, and then to America. Originally it was the eve of the Irish New Year, which was celebrated on November 1.

It was believed that the night before the night all the unruly souls came to the world of the living in search of a body with which they could again become human beings. To scare them off, people deliberately changed into various terrible costumes of evil spirits, thereby making it clear that the body is already taken.

But to distribute sweets and other sweets began a little later. This is again necessary in order to appease the evil spirits who came to your doorstep. The ghost who has eaten enough candy leaves in search of another victim.

How to celebrate Halloween with children - ideas for decor

If parents still dared to hold a Halloween party for children, then we should take care of the appropriate atmosphere of this holiday and about gay fun. To begin with, it would be unusual and intimidating to arrange a room. It is desirable that the holiday was held in a spacious room, for example in the living room. After all, for mobile games and costume competition, space will be required.

At the Halloween party, an orange gourd must certainly be present for the children, as the main attribute of this action. It is decorated with staircases, placed as lamps on tables and mantels, lighted on the windowsill in the evening, so that the unclean force from afar saw that there was nothing for her to do.

If you do not want to frighten yourself and the baby too much, you can make a friendly smile, not a malicious one - the meaning of this will not change. When adults are arranging Halloween homes for children, the room should be given the most sinister atmosphere. For this, woolen threads are used in red paint as a web, hung everywhere, homemade spiders, flocks of bats from paper, attached to walls and a chandelier, black tulle on the windows.

Table setting for Halloween

What is the feast of All Saints without traditional creepy treats? Children, especially teenagers, like fingers from sausages, eyes filled with strawberry jelly and glasses of blood, in the role of which is a normal tomato or cherry juice.

Sugar candy in the form of false teeth and eyes will certainly please children. They like to have a salad decorated with spiders from olives or baked apples with eyes, on a plate in caramel sauce. All these wonderful and scary dishes must certainly appear on a black tablecloth, and the table can be decorated with orange napkins.

Entertainment for Halloween for children

To children did not have to miss the holiday, you should take care of the costumes. It can be different monsters, vampires, princesses, animals, mummies. After the contest of terrible beauty, which is held among the party members, you can start entertainment.

Quizzes, quests, dance contests and a story of eerie stories will suit them. Spending time with teenagers, the celebration can be timed viewing the old horror film based on Halloween. To make it fun, parents and children should write a script of a merry holiday in advance. Ideas can be borrowed on the Internet or invented independently.