How nice to part with a guy?

Love is not always eternal. Sometimes the relationship deteriorates and the old feelings disappear. In this situation, it is better to torment neither yourself nor your partner, if there is no more love. Although the rupture of relations is a rather painful process, it is possible to part ways culturally and civilized. To adequately finish the relationship, you should know how to part with the guy beautifully.

How nice to part with a man?

Many of the fair sex are difficult to decide on this step and they often ask a question about how nice to tell a guy that we are parting. Postponing a serious conversation and continuing a relationship in which there is no more love, you thereby do not give the opportunity to start a new life, both to yourself and your partner. If you seriously decide to part, then do it right away and do not delay for later.

First, choose the right place. Stop the choice better in a neutral area, where it will not be too crowded and noisy, for example, a park. Also, do not choose those places that once meant a lot to you or your partner.

Thinking about how nice to part with a guy, carefully think over your conversation. Do not try to give him vain hopes and do not offer to remain friends. Just restrainedly report that feelings have faded and they can not be returned. Do not be rude, insult and in some way to blame him. Try to speak calmly and without unnecessary emotions .

Surely, he will try to find out the cause of the gap. Do not go into detailed explanations, as this will entail his apologies and some promises. Explain that this is a fait accompli and there is no chance for a restoration of relations. No words of gratitude for good pastime and wish for success in the future will not be superfluous. On this note, finish your conversation.