Married for a Muslim

Now quite often the girls on the forums write "looking for a Muslim husband", considering the Muslims to be more advantageous party - they forbid using alcohol and religion, and the family for them is a sacred concept. But is it really so good in Muslim families? Surely there are some peculiarities here.

Muslim husband, Christian wife

Many ladies are interested in whether it is possible for a Christian woman to marry a Muslim, whether her wife will not be obliged to accept another faith? Under the laws of Islam, a Christian may not renounce her faith, but she can not bring up a child in Christianity - he will have to become a Muslim. It must also be remembered that parents in Muslim society are highly respected, and therefore their word is often equated with the law. And if the parents are categorically against the Christian bride, then the man will break off the relationship rather than contradict his parents.

Married for a Muslim - features of a Muslim family

Often, women think about how to marry a Muslim, and not how to live with him. In order to get acquainted with a Muslim, there are no special problems - if domestic ones do not suit, you can search for them on vacation or at universities that host foreign students, as well as on the Internet. But before turning away from the men of your religion, consider whether you can observe all the rules of the Muslim family. There are the following features and not for every woman they will be acceptable. Of course, everything depends on people, but to be ready for such moments is:

  1. Do not worry about the question of how a girl should behave with a Muslim guy, because your chosen one is an "advanced" person? Do not rush to judge. Often Muslims, away from their families, forget about certain rules and customs, but when they return home, they are immediately recalled. Therefore, first get acquainted with his parents, observe him in the "native element". If there's nothing to alert, that's fine. But if you notice a strong commitment to traditions, be prepared that after the wedding you will be obliged to honor them.
  2. The word of the husband for the wife is a law, she has no right to disobey. Nevertheless, husbands listen to what their wives advise, although the last word remains for them.
  3. Pleasing the husband and leading a household are the main duties of the wife. Permission to go to work should be asked from her husband, and at the same time no one will take off the household chores with a woman.
  4. Muslim wives should please the eye of a husband, and not other men. Therefore, all the jewelry and the body will need to hide under the clothes and lower your eyes when meeting with other men. This rule applies to Muslim women, but also from a Christian wife, a husband can also demand it, especially if you live in a Muslim society.
  5. Also, a woman should not refuse her husband in the vicinity except during menstruation, after childbirth, during illness or hajj.
  6. The wife also has no right to leave the house without her husband's consent. In addition, you have to learn how to walk silently and do not go into someone else's house without her husband's permission.
  7. Muslims have the right to establish themselves to 4 wives if they have the opportunity to provide them all and they are sure that they will treat them equally. Although husbands, of course, consult their first wife about whether she is not against the second wife. And, I must say, now polygamy does not occur as often as before, and basically there are reasons for this - for example, the infertility of the wife, a serious illness, etc. In any case, this is the best time to stipulate before the wedding.
  8. Note that Muslim husbands have the right to punish their wives with stubborn disobedience. But physical punishment is an extreme measure, it should not leave traces on the body, and if so, then the woman has the right to demand a divorce.
  9. In the event of a divorce, a Christian is unlikely to get a child, because according to Muslim laws, if the wife is not a Muslim, the children stay with their father.

Perhaps, these rules seem complex and incomprehensible for a non-Muslim woman. But in the person of a Muslim husband who honors his religion, you will receive a loyal, faithful, honest, sympathetic family man with excellent moral qualities and without a taste for alcohol, who will love you and children, honor your relatives and will not prevent you from respecting your confession.