Quail eggs - useful properties

Every year, quail eggs, thanks to a large number of useful properties, are becoming more popular. In some European countries, they have long been replaced by chicken.

How useful are raw and boiled quail eggs?

The composition of this product includes a large number of substances that are necessary for life. Thanks to this quail eggs have a number of useful properties:

  1. This product is almost 14% protein. In addition, the amount of biologically active substances in it is much larger than that of other agricultural birds.
  2. Nutritionists recommend eating quail eggs for people who are involved in sports and follow their figure.
  3. Useful properties of quail eggs for women consist in the fact that they contain protein , healthy fats and folic acid, which supports the hormonal background.
  4. This product is very quickly and easily absorbed by the body. For maximum benefit, it is recommended to eat quail eggs in raw form. Only it is worth remembering that there is a risk of infection with salmonella, but it practically reduces to zero.

How useful are quail eggs for athletes?

Due to the presence of iron and zinc in this product, the muscles recover much more quickly after physical exertion, as well as hemopoiesis. In addition, quail eggs provide the necessary energy. There is in this product and lecithin, which cleans the vessels, which allows the muscles to quickly saturate with oxygen and useful substances.

Quail eggs for weight loss

Scientific studies have shown that daily consumption of quail eggs can get rid of excess kilograms. In addition, the egg product can be used in the complex treatment of obesity. There is a special diet based on quail eggs. Its main features are lightness, nutrition and taste. The diet lasts 14 days. If you connect such power with physical loads, you can achieve good results. Just take into account that the process of losing weight is slow enough, but the risk of returning to excess weight is reduced to a minimum.

Possible menu

Breakfast. During the entire time, it is necessary to consume 10 quail eggs, which can be cooked in any way, but only without the use of oil. In addition, you can eat any, but unsweetened fruit.

Dinner. For lunch, you can choose one of the following or create your own non-high-calorie dish:

Snack. Before dinner, you can eat 1 fruit or 8 pieces. prunes, dried apricots or almonds.

Dinner. For this meal we offer a choice of:

During the diet, you can drink water without gas, green, herbal and black tea, as well as coffee , but only without sugar.

How to drink quail eggs for weight loss?

To get the maximum benefit from this product, you must follow certain rules:

  1. Before you drink eggs quail they need to be thoroughly washed, since the shell can contain bacteria.
  2. Break the shell and pour the egg into the cup.
  3. If you want, you can add some salt.
  4. Then drink the egg and, if you wish, you can drink it with water or juice.
  5. It is best to drink them in the morning.