How to prepare for pregnancy, so that everything went perfectly?

Wishing to endure and give birth to a healthy child, women often wonder about how to prepare for pregnancy. Let us consider this process in more detail, highlighting the main points, the medicines used, the stages of the preparatory period.

Pregravid preparation for pregnancy - what is it?

The term "pregravidar preparation" is used to designate a set of measures aimed at the correct functioning of the organism, which contributes to the onset of the gestation process. A definition was formed by merging two synthetic bases: "pre" - the preceding one, and Latin "gravida" - the pregnant one. The process itself consists of several stages, among which the specialists in family planning singled out:

Speaking about how to prepare for pregnancy, doctors recommend starting the process no later than six months before the planned date of conception. This time is necessary for a comprehensive examination of both spouses, treatment of identified chronic infectious and inflammatory processes in the body. Immediately they can become an obstacle to the birth of a healthy young child.

Preparing for pregnancy - where to start?

Preparation of the body for pregnancy should begin with a comprehensive examination of organs. At the same time, much attention is paid to the state of the reproductive system, both the future mother and father. In addition, preventive examinations of such specialists as:

At the same time, future parents take tests that reflect the state and functioning of internal systems:

How to prepare for pregnancy psychologically?

Young girls who just plan to become mothers are often interested in the answer to the question of how to prepare for pregnancy morally, to adjust themselves to a long and responsible process. Psychologists note that directly from the mood, beliefs of women often depends on the course of pregnancy. Obligatory conditions are:

  1. Reduction of stressful situations. The less a woman faces experiences and stress, the better her well-being, which can not but be reflected in the state of the reproductive system. Stable hormonal background is the basis for faster conception.
  2. Reducing anxiety for the future. A woman should feel comfort and pleasure when looking at her plans, the future. The organism is arranged in such a way that it does not tolerate serious changes requiring physiological restructuring, changes in the way and order of the day. Because of this, it is necessary to reduce the scale of future changes in one's own perception, beginning to get used to future changes already at the stage of child planning.

Vitamins for Pregnancy Pregnancy

Pre-gravity preparation for pregnancy involves taking medications and drugs to stimulate the reproductive system. A special place among such medicines is occupied by vitamin complexes. Reception of their physicians is recommended to begin for 3-6 months prior to planned conception. An obligatory vitamin is folic acid.

This compound positively affects the reproductive processes, helps to bear a healthy child. Doctors recommend consuming 400 μg of folic acid every 24 hours. Admission is continued and after the onset of pregnancy, up to 12 weeks inclusive. In addition to folic acid, the following vitamins are invaluable for a future mother:

Pre-Gravitational Preparation - Drugs

Folic acid in preparation for pregnancy is not the only vitamin needed by the body. Specifically for future mothers, complex vitamin preparations have been developed, which take into account the daily requirement. They optimally balanced vitamins and trace elements. This eliminates the need for multiple drugs. Among popular means:

Preparing for pregnancy - tests

To properly prepare for pregnancy and not miss important moments, a woman should contact the center for pregnancy planning. Such operate in large cities. In their absence, a woman who wants to become a mother can apply to a women's consultation at their place of residence. Surveys begin with a visit to the gynecologist and examination in the armchair. At the same time, smears are collected on the microflora from the vagina and urethra to reveal chronic diseases in the reproductive system and infection. A woman is examined on:

Directly these pathogens often become an obstacle to a normal pregnancy. Then the girl is given a direction for research:

In parallel, a blood group and Rh factor are used to exclude complications such as Rh-conflict. Other mandatory studies before pregnancy planning include:

Preparing for pregnancy - food

Particular nutrition before conception of a child is one of the conditions for successful pregnancy. So physicians advise 3 months before the start of the process to completely exclude products containing preservatives, synthetic additives. Fast food, too greasy dishes, salting, smoking should be removed from the table. They are difficult to digest, there are practically no useful substances. In the diet reproductologists are advised to include:

How to prepare for pregnancy after 40 years?

Answering the question of a woman about how to properly prepare for pregnancy at this age, doctors say that conception itself is not desirable. Fears of doctors are associated with age-related changes in the reproductive system. Women who have decided to have a baby, doctors recommend a comprehensive laboratory examination.

In addition to standard studies, smears, before you prepare for pregnancy, it is recommended to consult a genetic center. After 40, the probability of developing genetic abnormalities and congenital diseases in the fetus is dramatically increased. Having received the expert's conclusion, his approval, the future mother can plan to conceive. If the doctor speaks of a high risk of anomalies, it is necessary to abstain from pregnancy.

How to prepare for pregnancy after a stiff pregnancy?

Faced with fading fetal development, wanting to avoid the recurrence of complications, the woman is interested in how to prepare for pregnancy next time. The main points of this process are:

How to prepare for pregnancy after a miscarriage?

Having an interest in a doctor about how to prepare for pregnancy after an abortion, a woman often receives recommendations about the need for protection. Within 6 months, gynecologists do not recommend planning a new pregnancy. So much time is needed to completely restore the reproductive system to its normal state. At this time, studies are being conducted to determine the cause of the miscarriage and eliminate the provoking factors. Speaking about how to prepare for a repeat pregnancy, doctors indicate the need for the following activities: