Hungarian goulash

Hungarian cuisine can not be called exquisite. Most of her famous recipes came from the people, but this does not deprive the cooked dishes of richness of taste and variety.

One such is a Hungarian goulash or shepherd's soup. It is considered to be the first dish, but because of its thick, rich composition with rich taste and aroma, it resembles a stew , while the vegetables are not boiled and remain in the soup in large pieces.

Hungarian goulash is prepared from different types of meat, in classic beef, with the addition of potatoes, sweet peppers, tomatoes, dumplings from dough and spices.

How to cook a classic Hungarian goulash from beef?



Hungarian lard (lard, sprinkled with red paprika) is cut into small cubes and is heated in a cauldron or a pan with a thick bottom. Remove the frying, lay half-rings of onions and fry until golden. Add the cut small-sized square slices of beef and also fry. Pour the ground paprika and pour in water. We warm it to a boil and put out for twenty minutes.

While the meat is cooked, we clean and cut with cubes of potato tubers, sweet Bulgarian and hot pepper, peeled of seeds, and we prepare dumplings, so-called chips. For this, add half of the egg to the flour and, using a fork, knead the steep dough. Pinching off a little bit of it, we form small fingers (small chips) and put them on a plate or a board with flour.

We throw potatoes and sweet pepper to meat, season with salt. When the vegetables are almost ready, add the finely chopped, previously peeled tomato and throw the chips. Bring to a boil, pour cumin and chopped garlic, boil for one minute and remove from heat.

Ready goulash let us brew for ten minutes, and serve hot, seasoning, if desired, fresh greens.

Recipe for Hungarian goulash from pork



In a deep sauté pan, frying pan or kazanok, pour the vegetable oil and fry in it crushed semicircles onion until browning. We add pork slices cut into slices and fry them too. We pour two hundred milliliters of purified water, salt, cover with a lid and simmer for thirty minutes.

Meanwhile, we clean and cut into large cubes potatoes and bell peppers, carrots circles, and peeled from the seeds of hot peppers finely chopped. Tomatoes are peeled and grated.

At the end of the time, we throw carrots and potatoes to the meat, sprinkle ground paprika and cumin, pour in water so that it completely covers the vegetables, and cook under the lid until the potatoes are half ready. Then add the grated tomatoes, sweet Bulgarian and hot pepper, still add salt to taste and cook for ten minutes. At the end of cooking throw the chopped garlic and, if desired, fresh greens. We let the Hungarian goulash brew for ten minutes, and we serve it to the table.