Is it possible to give birth after cesarean?

Until recently, doctors categorically denied the ability of a woman to give birth to herself after cesarean. With the development of medicine and the accumulation of relevant experience in this area, this refutation has ceased to be effective.

When to give birth after cesarean is impossible?

If you have any of the following pathologies, then there is no way to avoid a second operation. Absolute indications for cesarean section :

How many can not get pregnant and give birth after cesarean?

Doctors insist on the absence of pregnancy and abortion for 2-3 years after the operation. This term is given for complete healing of the internal seam after cesarean , restoration of the elasticity of the uterine muscles and normalization of the general condition of the body. It is assumed that after the caesarean section it is possible to give birth after a year and a half, but only in the event that there is a full and wealthy scar.

Is it possible to give birth after cesarean?

Yes, you can. But in the presence of a number of conditions established by the medical consultation. Those who gave birth after cesarean on their own, were under the vigilant control of doctors, went to the antenatal department in advance and passed a lot of confirmatory studies.

The problem of whether it is possible to give birth after a cesarean in a natural way has always caused a lot of controversy among doctors, since there is no uniform tactic of behavior in this situation. Therefore, before thinking about whether it is possible to give birth after cesarean itself, every expectant mother must weigh the pros and cons and, together with her doctor, assess the benefit-risk ratio.

Is there a chance to give birth after two caesarean?

The question is, is it necessary to do this. To say that "I want to give birth after Caesar" and not know the consequences is a huge irresponsibility for the state of myself and the child. It must be understood that each operation causes definite and increasing damage to the uterus. Thin its walls, there is endometritis, thrombophlebitis and anemia. Therefore, you can try to give birth after a couple of cesareans, and this is a laudable aspiration, but it's better not to take chances.

How long can you give birth after cesarean?

In the recent past, doctors limited moms to three pregnancies with cesarean delivery. The development of medicine and technology allowed the woman to take part in the decision whether she could give birth after cesarean, and how many children to have in the future. But in any case, this issue requires caution and careful medical control.