Kitchen furniture - how to choose an original and stylish headset?

The second question that arises in the design of the kitchen after its decoration is the choice of suitable furniture. Before going to the store, or making an order, it is important to get to know what is modern furniture for the kitchen, and on what criteria it is worth making a choice. Kitchen - how to choose furniture?

Choosing furniture for the kitchen, first of all, you need to focus on such criteria:

Choosing furniture, you should immediately think about how to arrange furniture in the kitchen, taking into account the layout and area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis room. To the entire working area should be free access - you should not interfere with moving to the stove, sink, refrigerator. Will not the level of the lower cabinets interfere during cooking at the countertop? Think about whether it will be convenient to open the refrigerator door, built-in appliances and other things.

Modular Kitchen Furniture

The main advantage of such a headset is that the arrangement of furniture in the kitchen can be easily changed, thereby updating the design of the premises without costs. Kitchen furniture set consists of a set of floor and hanging cabinets about the same width, which will allow them to change places and create different design options. The side walls of each cabinet should be beautifully trimmed, without nuances, which can spoil the look, it is not known which of the lockers will be the last one.

Upholstered furniture for kitchen

Upholstered furniture is associated with comfort in many, and many models are absolutely appropriate in the kitchen. There are many options for such suites that fit in both spacious rooms and the smallest.

  1. Kitchen soft corners. The corner is a small sofa with an L-shape or U-shaped back, and several soft stools in the kit. This set is made in different sizes, and to pick a corner, even for the smallest kitchen is not a problem.
  2. Sofas. Such furniture for the kitchen, like sofas, is more often chosen for spacious rooms, in which a rest area is also provided. For a small kitchen, you can pick up a small sofa-sofa and place it near the dining table - this will add a touch of comfort to the interior.
  3. Soft chairs. Such furniture fits nicely into the interior of the classic, Baroque, Provence, and some models that can come complete with a soft sofa will look good in modern style.

Picking up soft furniture for your kitchen, it's important to pay attention to the upholstery. Manufacturers offer a variety of options, ranging from the simplest dense fabric to high-quality genuine leather. Choosing the upholstery, first of all it is important to think about practicality - in the kitchen spots are unavoidable, especially if the family has small children, so soft furniture should be easy to clean or wash. It is better to give preference to products made of leather or artificial leather, you can choose upholstery from a dense and practical fabric in water-repellent properties.

Cabinet furniture for kitchen

Cabinet kitchen furniture - this is the same set, the choice of which puts many at a dead end. To produce it, a lot of materials are used, each of which has its indisputable pluses and minuses. The most popular in modern interior design is:

Cabinet straight or corner furniture for the kitchen can be made with different design options, for example:

Furniture for a small kitchen

Even if your kitchen is very tiny, with a proper choice of furniture it will be cozy, comfortable and functional. The main task is to limit only the most necessary set and arrange it to the maximum compactly. Kitchen furniture for a small kitchen must necessarily include the upper and lower row of lockers, a dining table with chairs or a small soft corner with a table.

A good alternative to a dining table can be a bar counter , if the stylistic direction allows. Its advantage is that under it you can make several more cabinets for storing kitchen utensils, and the countertop is convenient to use not only as a table, but also as a working surface. Above it you can conveniently place cups and glasses, saving space on shelves and in cabinets.

Furniture for the kitchen in the style of Provence

The main distinguishing features of this stylistic trend are the abundance of light, pastel tones, the interior uses light wood, forging, textiles, fabrics with a fine floral print are welcomed, in such a room everyone feels comfortable and cozy at home. Furniture for the kitchen Provence must fully comply with the description of the style - no ultramodern solutions in the form of glossy facades, glass panels and other.

  1. Material from which cabinets can be made - natural wood or high-quality MDF with wood texture.
  2. The color of the kitchen set should be light and soft, the light pastel colors - milk, soft pink, beige, light gray, blue - will look perfect.
  3. Decor. Kitchen facades can be decorated with carving, patina, with success you can use high-quality decoupage.

As for the tables and chairs, there are no strict limits here. In the design of Provence, any bright table, wooden or plastic, or a table with a light tabletop and dark wrought-iron legs, will fit in the same design, and chairs are also chosen. In such a kitchen, if the area is not small, the sofa with floral upholstery, combined with the window decor, will nicely fit.

Kitchen furniture in Japanese style

The Japanese style is the strictness of straight lines, the minimum of distracting decor. If you decide that your kitchen will be framed in this stylistic direction, the question of how to choose furniture can be a real problem. Simple solutions will come to the rescue. The color scheme of the Japanese style is necessarily deep dark brown color, which is combined with bright shades - orange, red, green.

In the design of kitchen cabinets in the Japanese style it is better to use a dark brown color as a frame, and the facades to choose bright. Decoration can be a facade, made in the form of a brown lattice with glass inserts. Such elements on the whole set are best done no more than 2-3, otherwise all the brevity of the Japanese design will be lost. The facades can be either glossy or matt.

What swings tables and chairs, everything is much simpler here. Beautifully fit into the Japanese design is a strict and concise rectangular table on thin legs of dark brown color, and a set of chairs in the same execution. Ideally, if you manage to pick chairs with upholstery in tone with the facades of the headset. Furniture material can be anything, from solid wood to plastic.

Kitchen furniture in loft style

Loft - this is a very specific style, and here it is important to pay attention to every detail of the interior, even small decor, and even more so you need to carefully choose furniture. The color scheme of the style is gray, brown, black, orange, roughly speaking - the tone of the brick and concrete. Beautifully fit and natural wood, light and dark, or its high-quality imitation.

Style is good because it does not welcome luxury and exquisite decor, so kitchen furniture in loft style can be economy class, and the overall background from this does not suffer. So which type of headset should I choose?

  1. Cabinets. The facades should be extremely simple, the most harmonious are the simple and even wooden or the colors of the dark asphalt. In rare exceptions, the kitchen loft can be with light or even white facades, but the main rule should be met - no carving, patina, photo printing and other decor.
  2. Table. Style does not tolerate excess, but welcomes originality. A good option would be a simple rectangular or round table with a wooden table top and dark metal legs that can have both a straight and non-standard shape.
  3. Chairs. Can be a set to the table, or you can choose the original models. For example, a small round stool on a high metal dark leg or on three legs can fit perfectly into the design.
  4. Bar counter. This is not an obligatory design element loft, but with its help you can well add style. Organically it will look like a straight rectangular construction with a top for wood or metal, which can also be used as a dining table.
  5. Sofa. Premises of the loft are often spacious, and here you can draw up a relaxation area with a sofa. The only rule is that there are no classical elements in the form of figured backs and legs. It is best to look a sofa in a straight form in gray, blue or brown.

Kitchen furniture in classical style

Classical cuisine is the exact opposite of restraint and minimalism. It can not be small or narrow - there must be a sense of spaciousness, which is emphasized by the abundance of light tones. Furniture for the kitchen in the classical style can be light or dark. For example, if you chose the baroque classics, the style of furniture will be exquisite and luxuriously decorated, the kitchen must be decorated with golden elements. Modern classic, however, more than welcomes the classic design of furniture with a restrained decor, so as not to overload the interior.

What are the criteria for a classic kitchen furniture?

  1. Light or dark color of a tree. This can be an array of natural wood or its imitation.
  2. Presence of decor in the form of golden elements, carving, patina.
  3. Cabinets should be large and roomy, minimalism is not the place.
  4. Separate lockers should be designed for decoration - they place various interior items, for example, exquisite dishes, figurines and so on.

Kitchen furniture in Art Nouveau style

Modern or modern style is a harmonious combination of new technologies with home comfort. Style keeps pace with the times - new solutions are appropriate here, ultramodern furniture materials and decor, but it's worth choosing warm and pleasant colors that create coziness. The design can be called laconic - modern furniture does not imply an exquisite decoration, but all materials must be of the highest quality.

Creating a modernist style, pay attention to such an option as modular furniture for the kitchen. Firstly, it is a very modern idea, executed according to all the rules of this style. Secondly, the modern approach to design welcomes frequent changes that become simple and not costly due to this type of furniture - in a few minutes your kitchen will have a completely different appearance.

High-tech furniture for the kitchen

Hi tech is the style of new technologies, in the design of the room, the abundance of glass and metal is welcomed, so are the requirements for furniture. The predominant colors in the interior are white, gray and black, the general background is gray. But this does not mean that the whole kitchen should be turned into a cold abode - for furniture you can choose the color of wood, burgundy, brown, red. The facades of the headset are best done glossy without decor or with minimal elements, silver or black handles.

Arranging furniture in the kitchen of high-tech also matters - the room should be spacious with a sense of open space. It is better to choose a set more compact, narrower, but the distance between pieces of furniture should be rather big. This style does not tolerate excesses, each piece of furniture should be as functional and, most importantly, comfortable.

Kitchen furniture in Scandinavian style

This style is characterized by an abundance of white color, this applies not only to the decoration of walls, but also to furniture. The head sets are made in white with interesting elements in the form of decorative grids, beautiful pens, inserts. Beautifully fit into such an interior can a wooden table of bright natural color - it will become a bright accent in the dining area. If the area is rather big, you can choose such furniture for the kitchen in Scandinavian style, like sofas of white, gray, milk, or on the contrary, bright blue or green as an accent.

Rustic style kitchen furniture

If for you the main thing in an interior is a sense of home comfort, this stylistic direction is ideal for you. Kitchen furniture in the rustic style is made of wood and can be both natural color and painted in pastel colors. Lockers are chosen in a simple form, without an exquisite decoration. In more colorful versions, furniture with carved elements is used, which creates the feeling of an ancient peasant house.