Short nails are fashionable!

More recently, the most popular service in beauty salons was nail extensions. Lovely "manicurists" for this time were retrained into "masters of the nail service", and every self-respecting girl simply had to increase acrylic, even with her own, quite decent, nails. There's nothing to be done - fashion ...

If the tendencies of the beauty industry are not alien to you, for sure, you have already noticed that the manicure on long nails gradually gives up its position and gives priority to fingers with neat short marigolds. Not so often you will meet on the female hands sharp stilettos of extreme length with intricate acrylic bouquets. Even the stars of show business are beginning to abandon the nail refinement in favor of a modest elegant manicure. And they wear it not only in everyday life, but also demonstrate on the red carpet and in glamorous photo shoots.

What happens in the world of nail fashion? The trend of the last couple of years is naturalness and naturalness. Therefore, the nails, which look artificially, gradually become obsolete. Even if the build-up is done, the nails should be of short length and shape, close to natural - no stilettos, "shovels", aquarium designs and artistic molding. At least in everyday life they are becoming less relevant.

What are the advantages of short nails?

  1. Space for experiments . Already that season, cosmetic concerns suggest that we wear dark or bright lacquers of all colors of the rainbow. The most fashionable shades of recent years - blue, yellow, green, black and berry-red are designed exclusively for manicure on short nails . The most unusual textures: matte, velvet, sand, popular today, glitters and mica do not look fancy only on a short manicure. At the "claws" all this will look vulgar and defiant.
  2. Convenience . If you are used to long nails, they probably do not bother you at all, and you are successfully coping with all the affairs. You type at a high speed on the computer, play with the child and peel potatoes, and your nails do not break, scratch, and do not make pins on pantyhose. But without them all this is done much faster and more convenient. And if you work in the office, your colleagues in the open-space will be very grateful to you when you stop "clicking" with long fingernails on the keyboard.
  3. Saving money and time . It is difficult to have beautiful and well-groomed long nails and not be a regular at the beauty salon. To give the correct form, to process and ideally to cover with varnish long nails without the help of a professional is not easy. With short it's much easier. Look at your fingers: if they are long and thin, you can safely wear a trendy square shape. If you can not show off the gracefulness of your fingers, you need to slightly round off the nail file and it is better not to shear them under the root, but leave a couple of millimeters. Gently make up any short nails any girl can. And this means that the number of trips to the master of manicure and the money spent on it will be significantly reduced.

For the sake of justice, it should be noted that short nails do not go to all. Full fingers with a wide nail plate in this case will seem even shorter, but a long manicure will make them visually thinner and more elegant.

Personal tastes and preferences also have not been canceled. Of course, short nails today in a trend, it's comfortable and beautiful. But this does not mean that you must necessarily follow such a fashion, especially since it changes so often. If you do not imagine yourself without a long manicure, thanks to which you feel more beautiful, feminine and sexy - do not give up your favorite claws.