Affirmations for every day

You probably will remember the situation when you said to yourself: "I can!" And you really managed to overcome the obstacle that has come up before you. Was this the result of your beliefs, only you can say, but, that it works, do not even doubt it. Unfortunately, people often, even unconsciously, with their negative thoughts and words attract unwanted events. Before each of us every second there is a choice: to create or destroy.

Affirmations are positive statements. They set our subconscious mind to fulfill their own desires and must confirm the states or events that you seek to attract to yourself as already accomplished. You can write your positive postulate on a topic. However, you need to consider that your desire should not harm other people.

Rules for constructing affirmations

In order that your thoughts become material it is important to formulate them correctly. There are several rules for doing this:

  1. Affirmations should be positive.
  2. You can not use the "NOT" particle.
  3. In correct affirmations, the phrase is composed as if the dream had already come true.

Often people make gross mistakes in the creation of their statements and therefore do not get the effect. Here are some of them:

  1. The use of the word "I can." For example, "I can receive money."
  2. Not the regularity of working with statements.
  3. The use of the future tense.
  4. Use phrases that cause you internal resistance.
  5. Mechanical utterance.

Strive for an utterance to work on the subconscious. The more the statement is repeated, the better the action. Repetition dislodges the negative.

Often regular practice is hampered by laziness. One day a person remembers about the statements, the next - forgets, and then does, does not find time for them. To prevent this from happening, program your subconscious mind. Read examples of affirmations and write your own, for the main components of human life: health, emotions, work, finances and communication.

Examples of affirmations for each day

If you can not formulate your positive thoughts yourself, then you can use the ready-made templates:

Affirmations on health:

Affirmations for each day:

Positive affirmations:

Affirmations for luck:

Affirmations for love:

Make positive changes in your life. Applying these simple methods, the plan for attaining life's benefits will be performed automatically, and you will soon notice the changes.

The most effective methods of using affirmations

  1. Write down written statements on the sheet, they should be visible from a distance of a couple of meters. It is necessary to make two copies.
  2. One of the sheets is placed in the bedroom to where your eyes stop immediately after awakening. After sleep, the subconscious mind is configured to perceive information, regardless of whether you are aware of written sayings. Just by looking at them, you program the consciousness to the success of their actions for the whole day.
  3. Another sheet with positive affirmations is placed in the kitchen opposite the table so that during the meal you see the written approval. When sitting at the table they should be located opposite the eyes. Information in the process of eating has a powerful positive effect on a person. This phenomenon was noticed by the ancient Chinese. They attached great importance to food, included melodic music at that time, and looked at symbols that attracted luck.

If later you want to improve your positive settings, then you just need to replace the sheets. This technique will easily achieve the desired results in any area of ​​your life.