Spermacet cream - what is the secret of the miracle cure?

Spermacet cream is a cosmetic product for facial skin care, which has been popular with women who care about their appearance for many years. That this remedy, which pleased our effect with our grandmothers and mothers, what it consists of and how it works, we will consider further.

Why is the cream called spermaceti?

The question of what makes spermaceti cream, for many remains open, and some mistakenly believe that the main component in it is the sperm whale. This misconception arose due to the consonance of the name of the remedy with the name of the biological fluid released during ejaculation, and also because of rumors that the main component of the cream is obtained from whale-sperm whales. In fact, the remedy has nothing to do with sperm, and the production of whales to get fat and other products from them has been banned for several decades.

Earlier in the fishery of sperm whales, a unique substance was extracted from their heads: spermaceti, used in medicine, perfumery industry. This is a wax-like compound, a solid plastic mass, the main component of which is cetyl palmitate, an ester of cetyl alcohol and palmitic acid. This component has a lot of useful properties: anti-inflammatory, softening, wound-healing and others. In the future, we learned how to obtain synthetic cetyl palmitate, characterized by the same properties that are now used instead of the animal.

Spermaceti cream - composition

Based on the above, we can say that spermacet cream is a cream, the active ingredient in which acts cetyl palmitate, similar to what was once extracted from the whale carcasses. However, today the face cream of the spermaceti composition can be completely different, and instead of cetyl palmitate it includes other substances: jojoba oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, lanolin. At the same time, the name remains the same for marketing purposes, while the product is currently produced by different manufacturers: Nevskaya Cosmetics, Iris Cosmetic, Modum, Phytodoctor and others.

What kind of skin is used for the spermacetal cream?

Manufacturers recommend the use of spermacetic cream for dry skin, which is characterized by the following problems: dehydration, peeling, tightness, high exposure to aggressive factors, early appearance of flabbiness and wrinkles. In addition, this cream is ideal for women with normal skin and those who have an overly sensitive skin that is prone to irritation due to the slightest mechanical or chemical effects. This tool can still be used in such cases:

Spermaceti cream is good

The cosmetic agent under consideration has a lot of beneficial properties, helping to maintain the skin in a healthy state, improving its appearance. Let's enumerate, what is useful spermacetovy cream, what action it has:

Spermaceous face cream

Spermacet cream, which is often used for facial, neck and decollete skin, helps to rejuvenate the skin, giving it a well-groomed, radiant appearance. According to reviews, the most popular cream is spermacetic "Nevskaya Cosmetics", containing such components as olive oil, organic lanolin and natural beeswax. Women using this product emphasize that, despite the low cost, the cream is effective, it shows good results.

Cream spermacetovy for hands

Considering what spermacet cream is made of, many women use it also for the skin of hands, which often suffers from overdrying, peeling, coarsening under the influence of external negative environmental factors. Thanks spermatsetovom cream can quickly cope with all these problems and maintain the skin of the hands in good condition.

How to apply spermaceti cream?

The product has a relatively dense texture, so it is better for the face to use it, applying in the evening before going to bed. In the cold period of time, it can be used during the day as make-up as a protective agent. The cream is applied in a thin layer on the cleansed and dried skin with light movements of the fingertips along the massage lines. If necessary, remnants of the product after a few minutes are recommended to remove with a soft paper towel to get rid of the possible greasy gloss.

In addition, there is a method of using the drug as a nutrient mask. To do this, the product should be applied to clean skin with a slightly thicker layer than with normal use, and after having aged for at least half an hour, remove it with a dry cloth. Such a spermacetal mask will be more effective if you previously make a peeling - mechanical or chemical . Procedures are recommended to be performed every 1-2 weeks.

Spermaceti Cream for Acne

Cetyl palmitate, which is part of the product, has anti-inflammatory properties, why the cream is spermacetic and is sometimes used for acne on the skin. In case of a fat type of skin, the preparation should be applied pointwise to the areas where the inflammatory elements are concentrated. If the skin is normal or dry, you can lubricate the entire face with cream, removing the excess with a napkin.

Spermaceti cream from wrinkles

It is acceptable to use a sperm-eye cream around the eyes - in the area where the most dry and sensitive skin and the first appear wrinkles. Apply a product with such a dense consistency in this area of ​​the face should be very neat, on massage lines, not strongly pressing and not stretching skin tissue. Be sure to observe the following rule: eye cream applied a few hours before bedtime or half an hour before applying makeup. This allows you to avoid swelling under the eyes and unstable makeup.