Teenage pimples

Adolescence is considered the most difficult age, because it is during this period in the body that global processes of restructuring occur in the teenager's psyche and his hormonal system. An unpleasant phenomenon that occurs with almost every child during its growing up are teenage pimples.

Why do adolescents have acne?

Due to the fact that during puberty puberty occurs, the hormones responsible for this, activate the work of the sebaceous glands. They, in turn, begin to produce a huge amount of secret, which is a favorable environment for the multiplication of various bacteria. As a result, there is inflammation of the sebaceous ducts, and on the skin of a teenager pimples are formed.

When will teenage pimples?

It should be noted that this problem can be comprehended by adolescents both female and male, and appears for the first time, as a rule, at the age of 10-13 years. In most cases, pimples appear in the teens on the nose or on the forehead. Usually, the problem with the skin is solved by itself closer to twenty years, but it is not uncommon that the acne rash occurs from time to time and at a more mature age. The reason for this can be not only hormonal bursts, but also a number of other causes - stress, sleep and nutrition disorders, excessive hobby for acne.

Acne Treatment in Adolescents

Getting rid of the problem of acne during adolescence is quite difficult, because the reason lies not only in external factors, but also in changes within the body. Also, it should be borne in mind that all teens have different skin, and, consequently, the necessary treatment should be determined individually. But in any case, the key to success lies in the daily face care procedures. With regular washing, pimples on the face of the adolescent will be deprived of the main reason for their existence - dust and dirt that accumulates throughout the day. Thus, the face skin should be cleaned at least twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. Remember that you need to wash yourself with hot water, as it promotes the expansion of pores and better cleansing them. And to finish the ritual of washing better with cold water - it will narrow the pores and to some extent prevent their contamination. Also, one should not forget about deeper purification. At least twice a week, you need to wash your face with a scrub, after taking steam baths.

For the treatment of teenage pimples, you can use some proven means for years:

  1. The most popular remedy is considered to be salicylic acid . In any pharmacy on sale there are various solutions that differ in the percentage of salicylic acid (1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, 10%). It is necessary to wipe the cleansed face skin with a cotton swab dipped in the solution. It is best to use 1%, 2% or 3% solutions.
  2. Tar soap is another effective remedy for acne. It is recommended to wash with this soap for the night, as it too dries the skin.
  3. Chatter is an old effective drug in the treatment of acne. Unfortunately, now it can not be bought in the prepared form. You will need to take a prescription from your doctor, on which for you in a specialized pharmacy they prepare a chatter. Apply it to a person soaked in cotton wool and preferably in the evening.
  4. With regard to funds, external use, it is known the positive effect of beer yeast against acne . They normalize the metabolism and help get rid of this problem.

At the same time, a teenager should follow a diet. It is recommended not to take fatty, smoked and spicy food, artificial colors and preservatives, as well as sweets and soda.