Treatment of tracheitis at home

Tracheitis is a disease accompanied by inflammation of the trachea. Often it is accompanied by angina, colds, flu and ARVI, and very rarely occurs independently. The causative agents of tracheitis are bacteria, staphylococcus and streptococcus, which irritate the mucosa, and this leads to the following symptoms:

Chronic tracheitis - treatment with folk remedies

Treatment of tracheitis with folk remedies is directed, first of all, to the destruction of bacteria and the removal of inflammation. From staphylococcus and streptococcus it is difficult to get rid by means of herbs and inhalations, and therefore the essence of folk treatment is to help the body to overcome them independently by creating the necessary conditions.

These bacteria do not tolerate high heat, but since the body temperature during this disease fluctuates around 37 degrees, and with chronic tracheitis it can be within the limits of the norm, it becomes necessary to raise the temperature artificially.

So, the first remedy that will be useful and effective is inhalation. The most popular variant with a potato: for this purpose it is necessary to boil a few potatoes and to place in the big capacity, a little having warmed before it. Then cover the head with a warm, wide towel and begin to inhale deeply the steam.

With such inhalation, thermal treatment receives not only the trachea, but also the bronchi, as well as the upper respiratory tract. It is important not to burn, so inhalation can be done with a short break in a few seconds. It can not be carried to people with cardiovascular disorders.

A remedy that can help reduce cough - tea with mint. If you make a collection with mint, linden and raspberry branches, the result is a good anti-cold remedy, which is also effective with accompanying symptoms - rhinitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis.

When tracheitis is important, if not the main means of treatment at home, is the correct regimen. The body must be constantly warm, any draft and cold air can cross out the effect of the treatment and even lead to complications.

Acute tracheitis - treatment with folk remedies

The treatment of acute tracheitis at home has more serious problems than the treatment of chronic tracheitis. Often acute tracheitis is combined with other serious symptoms in combination with high fever, and therefore excessive thermal procedures can be harmful in this case.

At high temperature, hot compresses should not be made, but if the temperature is asleep, then the use of mustard plasters is effective. Their advantage over other procedures is speed, simplicity and cheapness. It is necessary to moisten the mustard plasters and put one of them on the chest, two on the back between the shoulder blades, and for greater effect on the calves of the legs.

Also, with acute tracheitis, you need a hot drink - an ideal option - with honey and milk. This drink warms the whole body well, softens the throat and generally has a very positive effect on recovery. It is best to drink milk with honey before going to bed, wrapped in a warm blanket.

Drugs used to treat tracheitis

Treating tracheitis with antibiotics at home can be unsafe if not coordinated with a doctor.

As antibacterial agents, both sprays and tablets are used. For example, Bioparox is a wonderful remedy with antibacterial effect, which has two nozzles - for irrigation of the throat and nose.

Codelia is used for coughing, but it contains codeine, which is classified as narcotic analgesics, which is why it is sold only with a doctor's certificate and can be addictive. Amoxiclav and Amoxicillin are used as tablets for the treatment of bacterial tracheitis.

Treatment of tracheitis in adults with antibiotics can contribute to dysbacteriosis and suppression of immunity, and therefore it is better to combine it with probiotics and immunostimulating drugs.