Uric acid in the blood

The human body functions due to metabolic processes. One of them, purine, is provided by the liver and kidneys: uric acid in the blood helps to remove nitrates and, in turn, is eliminated by natural means. Any violation of this mechanism entails unpleasant symptoms and consequences.

Blood test for uric acid

If there are suspicions of endocrine system diseases and gout, a biochemical blood test is mandatory. In the course of laboratory analysis, the content of the indicator in question and its compliance with the established values ​​are determined.

The norm of uric acid in the blood is approximately 150-350 μmol / l in adult women. For men, this level slightly increases (to 420 μmol / l).

To correctly discharge biological fluid, it is important to follow the rules for preparation:

  1. For 2 days before the study, stop eating protein foods and meat.
  2. Within 3 days before the analysis do not drink alcohol.
  3. To give blood strictly on an empty stomach, 8 hours after the last meal.

Increase of uric acid in the blood

Delayed removal of the described substance from the body or its excess production often leads to increased uric acid in the blood. This indicates serious problems with endocrinology and the progression of joint inflammation - arthritis.

Other causes of increased uric acid concentrations:

The increase in uric acid in the blood also has symptoms characteristic of intoxication - weight loss, pallor of the skin, stools, changes in body temperature.

Uric acid in the blood is lowered

The described pathological condition occurs in such cases:

As a rule, a decrease in uric acid always indicates genetic genetic diseases that are difficult to treat.

Treatment and normalization of uric acid in the blood

The increased content of the indicator in the biological fluid threatens with such complications as chronic arthritis, secondary or primary gout. Therefore, immediately begin treatment of pathology, after preliminary diagnosis and establishing the exact cause of the disease.

The integrated scheme consists of the following activities:

  1. Admission of drugs with a diuretic effect and the means to reduce the production of uric acid (Allopurinol, Koltsihin).
  2. Correction of the diet with the predominance of lean, vegetable dishes, the exclusion of alcoholic beverages.
  3. Increase the amount of liquid consumed, including - juices, compotes.

To reduce uric acid in the blood, you can use folk recipes:

  1. Every evening, make baths for feet with broths of oak bark, birch leaves, dioecious nettle.
  2. To take or drink in place of tea phytostasis with chamomile, cowberry, St. John's wort, mint, hips.
  3. In the morning and before going to bed drink a glass of natural homemade kefir or "sour".
  4. After waking up, before breakfast, drink 100 ml of warm boiled water with the addition of a small amount of pressed lemon juice (about 1 teaspoon).
  5. To consume more diuretic herbal remedies, for example, decoction of lime color .