Diseases of the breast

Female breasts are often exposed to diseases. According to statistics, approximately 40% of all women have ever encountered various malfunctions of the mammary glands.

Depending on the origin of the disease of the female breast, it can be roughly divided into inflammatory and tumor-like. Let's consider each group in more detail, calling the frequent violations.

Causes of breast disease

Indeed, the reasons for such a violation - a lot. Most often this is:

What are breast inflammatory diseases?

The most common pathologies of this type are:

  1. Mastitis. There is no woman who does not hear about this violation. An acute form of the disease is often observed during lactation. When milk is stagnant, seals form in the ducts, which become inflamed, causing painful sensations. At the same time, penetration of the infection into the gland itself is noted through micro cracks on the nipples, which is the result of an incorrect attachment to the breast. The woman notes the following symptomatology:
  • Mastopathy. This form of inflammation is a consequence of hormonal disorders in the body. The symptomatology is very similar, it can differ from the form. In this case, the woman herself complains:
  • At the first symptoms, suspicions of a violation, you need to see a doctor.

    What tumoral breast diseases are most often observed in women?

    The insidiousness of this kind of violations lies in the fact that at any time a benign tumor can develop into a malignant one.

    If you compile a list of these health risk violations, it will look like this:

    The first 3 violations are benign. Timely detection of them, competent treatment makes it possible to exclude degeneration into cancer.

    Such a pathology as cancer, refers to oncological processes. Regardless of the stage, it is very difficult to predict the course of the disease.

    What diseases can not be breastfed?

    At occurrence of those mums should consult with the doctor. Contraindications to breastfeeding may be:

    When lactostasis woman, on the contrary, frequent attachments to the breast are recommended.