Prevention of gastritis

Gastritis is a common disease, which in the vast majority of cases is caused by an incorrect lifestyle, unhealthy diet and bad habits. Therefore from this pathology it is possible to secure itself, and to make it it is simple. But even if gastritis has already been diagnosed and the process has passed into a chronic form, then the onset of relapse can also be prevented by following a set of recommendations.

Prevention of acute gastritis

Warn the initial occurrence of the disease is possible with simple recommendations.

Food ration

To avoid irritation of the walls of the stomach with subsequent inflammation should be abandoned from harmful food: smoked products, pickles, dishes with an abundance of spicy spices, fried and fatty dishes. It is better to give up carbonated drinks, as well as coffee on an empty stomach. When choosing products, you should pay attention to their freshness and quality.


For normal secretion of gastric juice, it is very important to eat food regularly at the same time. In this case, you can not overeat, eat on the go or fast, and also drink water during the meal. Do not eat fruits or sweets immediately after eating; this causes fermentation in the stomach.

Alcohol and Smoking

In order to reduce the risk of developing gastritis, you must refuse or at least limit the use of alcohol-containing beverages. Smoking , including passive, also adversely affects the condition of the stomach.


Many medications irritate the gastric mucosa, so you should not take medicines without the doctor's advice, exceed the prescribed dosages. Remember that almost all drugs should be washed down with plenty of room temperature water without gas.

Prevention of chronic gastritis

Prevention of chronic gastritis and prevention of atrophic development of its form provides for strict adherence to the diet and a complete rejection of alcohol and nicotine. It is also recommended:

  1. Observe the mode of work and rest.
  2. Maintain normalized physical activity.
  3. Avoid nerve strains, stressful situations.
  4. Regularly visit a doctor.

In addition, for the prevention of recurrences of chronic gastritis, medication is required - tablets that neutralize or reduce gastric acid secretion, protecting the gastric mucosa from damage and exposure to pathogenic bacteria. Also, some other drugs may be prescribed that affect the causes of the lesion of the stomach wall.