When can I give a baby a manga?

Porridges and vegetable purees are introduced into the diet of the child at the age of 6 months. It is during this period that parents have a sharp question about where to start and how to diversify the baby's menu. Focusing on the experience of generations, many moms and dads stop their choice on semolina porridge. How true this decision is, or when it is possible to give the child a manga, let's find out.

Manna porridge for children up to a year: "for" and "against"

Today, answering the question from how many months you can give a breastfed babe, pediatricians do not advise to hurry. Yes, this porridge has grown more than one generation, but numerous studies have shown that the diet of children up to a year should consist of more useful products. What "did not please" the manga dieticians and pediatricians? There are several nuances here:

  1. First, the croup contains gluten. This vegetable protein does not have the best effect on the work of the digestive tract of the baby: causes diarrhea or constipation, can lead to the appearance of allergic rashes.
  2. Secondly, the composition of the product is fitin. This chemical compound makes it difficult to digest iron and helps to wash away the calcium, so necessary for a growing organism.
  3. Thirdly, the manga is rich in gliodine. This component causes necrosis of the villi of the intestine.

Considering the foregoing, the answer to the question of how many months it is possible to give a manke to a child seems obvious.

Manna porridge for children from year

Despite these shortcomings, the manga is considered quite useful. It practically does not contain fiber, it is rich in proteins and vitamins. Being a product energy-intensive, semolina porridge will be an excellent dish for small fidgies over the year. Of course, it should not be the basis of the baby's diet: crumbs will be enough 1-2 servings a week.

As for children with problems in digestion, prone to allergies, predisposition to celiac disease or overweight, - semolina for them is contraindicated after one year.

So, let's sum up, when it is possible to give a manga to a baby. If the child is healthy and well developed, you can introduce him to a new dish after 12 months. At this age, the intestines of the baby are considered to be stronger, so with such a "dangerous" gluten should cope without problems. As for the fitin - if you eat semolina porridge in limited quantities, it can not harm the body. Further, allergic children and crumbs, having problems with digestion - in this case, the question of when to give a manna to a baby, is to ask the pediatrician. It is possible that the doctor will recommend to abandon this cereal for an indefinite time.