Wise for love, health, wealth, attracting money and prosperity

There are many different techniques that help to manage energy flows. Even in ancient times, people discovered that certain combinations of fingers and meditation make it possible to change life, influencing its different aspects. As a result, mudras appeared that are accessible to everyone.

What are mudras?

Sacred gestures that are able to change consciousness are called mudras. They used them for magical and healing practices in India. Mudra is yoga for fingers , because different combinations are able to activate energy flows, and they affect different aspects of human life. More often the fingers are represented as five chakras or reflex zones of the body. It is believed that on the fingers passes six energy channels, which are associated with different organs and systems. By combining fingers in combinations, you can activate the meridians.

Wise for all occasions

To gain the benefit of practicing the wise, it is necessary to observe a number of important rules.

  1. You can perform different combinations, while in any position, the main thing is to make it comfortable. It is best to relax, and this applies to the body, but also to the thoughts.
  2. It is important before the beginning of practice to be properly tuned psychologically.
  3. In order for wise life saving life or any other combination to work, it is necessary to connect fingers so that tension is not felt.
  4. During work, there should be no discomfort, otherwise you need to stop.
  5. Breathing should be normal, so as not to be distracted.
  6. The retention of one mudra in most cases does not exceed 5-10 minutes. During the day, you can do up to 5-6 repetitions.
  7. When doing several poses, it is important that at least a couple of minutes pass between them.
  8. In all the below mentioned mudras, the fingers on both hands will be indicated as follows: large - 1, index - 2, middle - 3, ring - 4, little finger - 5.

Mudras for protection

Thanks to the implementation of special combinations, you can protect yourself from bad thoughts and enemies, and if someone sends a negative, he will certainly return to it. Mudra protection strengthens spiritual strength and helps to generate positive energy. If the enemies are active, then you need to practice every day for 3-5 minutes.

  1. There is a simple mudra that can be used in moments of vulnerability. To do this, join hands in the solar plexus area, pointing the palms to the stomach, and fingers, weave into the lock. It is important to imagine how a protective layer formed around the body.
  2. To close your own bioenergetic field, you can use the mudra, which is called "Ring embedding." On each hand, connect 1 and 2 fingers, placing the formed rings in each palm to make a lock. After you unhook them and repeat all over again three more times. At the end of practice, there is often a feeling that a dense field formed around the head, which indicates that everything has been done correctly.

Wise to attract love

Regular practices of special combinations help attract love and strengthen existing relationships. It is recommended to perform mudras several times a day for 10 minutes. During this, it is important to think about what has become a reality. You can perform the following combinations:

  1. The most popular wisdom mudra is Lotus. This flower is a symbol of happiness and rebirth. Connect the lower part of the palms near the chest, and 5 and 1 finger on each hand. Keep the others straight so that a lotus will form. The position should be kept for four breathing cycles. After that, connect all the fingers, forming a bud, into four respiratory cycles. Repeat all you need 5-6 times.
  2. To make the next mudra you need 3 and 4 fingers to touch the palms. Keep the others in the upright position. Hold the elbows at the chest level. Keep the pose for 2-3 minutes. Take a breath in eight counts, and then, exhale sharply.

Wise for wealth to attract money and prosperity

To cope with financial problems and attract a material flow, it is recommended to use special gestures. Before you perform the mudras to attract money, mentally repeat your goal, and then, visualize it in small things.

  1. With the help of the presented gesture, one can draw to oneself a constant influx of finances and tune in to success . Hold the palms up, connecting 1, 2 and 3 fingers on the hands. Mentally imagine how a ray of energy emerges from the region of the bridge of the nose.
  2. The following combination will help with problems with finances. It is not suitable for people who were previously provided. Keep the brushes near your chest. Touch the tip of 3 to 5 fingers, but 1 must be fully connected with the bases of the palms. Visualize how the energy thread that connects to the center of the Earth leaves the coccyx. Do the practice in the morning for a week.

Wise for luck

It is possible to greatly simplify one's life if fortune is a helper for life. It can be attracted by the following magic gestures:

  1. The first energy mudra of success creates around an individual an energy field that attracts luck. It is necessary to connect together 1, 3 and 4 fingers, while others remain straight. Meditation is done three times for 15 minutes.
  2. The following gesture helps to form and retain an aura of luck around the person. It is necessary to connect on each hand 1 and 5 fingers, and others to leave straight. Repeat the same number of times as the previous gesture.

Moods from stress

Special gestures activate the movement of energy in the body, which helps to combat various mental problems, for example, stress and depression. It remains to find out how to do the mudras:

  1. The first combination is universal, helping to fight any mental discomfort. It is necessary to connect the tip of 2 and 1 fingers, and keep the others straight. It is best to practice early in the morning in the fresh air.
  2. Many mental problems are associated with excess in the body of the element of the Wind, and with the help of the following mudra it can be disposed of. First bend the 2 fingers, and then, press down on the second phalange 1 with your finger, pressing it to the palm of your hand. Other fingers should remain in the forward position. When there are improvements, practices should be abandoned.

Wise for health

Thanks to medical gestures, you can not only normalize the body's work, but also improve the energy of space. Healing mudras help to heal from a distance, most importantly, powerful visualization. It is important to remember that regular practices do not remove the cause of the problem. There are different mudras of health and the following can be cited as an example:

  1. The first gesture helps to strengthen and improve immunity, speed up the metabolism and gain energy. 3 and 4 fingers of the right hand connect with the similar on the left. 5 Move the lower arm forward so that it is at the base of the 3rd and 4th fingers of the right hand. End 2 fingers of the right hand, hold 1 and 2 with the finger of the other hand.
  2. There is a special mudra from the headache, which helps even with migraines. Do it with each hand. It is necessary to put 4 fingers in the middle of the palm, and then, from above, connect 1, 2 and 3 fingers. Every day the gesture is held for 6 minutes. three times a day.

Mudras for weight loss

There are many programs that help to lose weight, but do not have a scientific basis. They can be considered wise for weight loss, which trigger important processes in the body.

  1. The main gesture that helps reduce the volume of the abdomen and thighs. To do this, you need to touch the base of the first finger with the tip of the 2 fingers, and then press the two fingers on top of it. Hold the combination for half an hour and it's best to do it in the morning.
  2. Auxiliary mudra helps to reduce the rate of formation of fatty deposits. It is necessary to connect hands to the lock, with one finger lifted upwards. The gesture is held for half an hour, and it is worth repeating from time to time.

Wise to rejuvenate the face

With the help of properly directed energy flows, you can extend your youth and preserve beauty for many years. For this, it is recommended that you regularly perform such mudras:

  1. To make the first composition, you need to stand up and look to the east. Align the 1, 2 and 3 fingers and hold them at the level of the navel. The other cross, and touch the bottom of the 3 fingers of the other palm. On inhalation, hold your breath for a few seconds.
  2. The next mudra of youth is also performed standing up. Hands bent at the elbows, hold near the solar plexus. Pins connect so that 1 finger of the left palm was located between 1 and 2 right. Slowly rub the lobe of the 1st finger of the right hand in a circular motion.

Wise to work

There are practices for people who want to find a good job , open a business, advance in their careers and cope with other problems. Wise to find work helps increase income and efficiency. Practice should be twice a day for 4-5 minutes. Keep the brushes in the center of the upper abdomen parallel to each other. Fingers twist that they look inside the palms of your hands. Women should keep the left one finger on top, and the men - the right one. Without changing the position, straighten 3 fingers.

Wise to fulfill desires

Among all the existing combinations, the most popular is the gesture, which helps to fulfill the cherished desire. Mudra carries the energy that gives self-confidence and helps to go to the goal. Repeat it is recommended every day, while it is important to meditate, imagine yourself in a flowering garden and inhaling the fragrance of flowers.

  1. To begin with, you need to formulate a desire that should be concise and clear and not carry any negative feelings.
  2. To realize the mudra of the fulfillment of desire, it is necessary to connect the tips of 1, 2 and 3 fingers on each hand, and press 4 and 5 to the palm of your hand. The gesture is identical to that used by believers for baptism.
  3. Say your wish three times loudly. It is important that breathing is free.
  4. Repeat the practice 1-2 times a day for several weeks.