Exercises on a rope for weight loss

Skipping rope is an affordable exercise machine that helps to lose excess weight. It is best to perform exercises on a rope for weight loss, which allow you to load different muscle groups. Jumping is a cardio-load that causes the body to consume calories effectively.

Complex exercises on a rope for weight loss

With regular classes on the rope, you can cope with cellulite , strengthen the muscles of the press, and develop a respiratory system and accelerate the metabolism. Do it three times a week, at least half an hour.

Complex exercises with a rope for weight loss:

  1. To begin it is necessary from usual and quiet jumps, observing the basic rules: elbows should be pressed to a body, jump only on носочках and work with brushes. Breathing should be even. Start with jumping for a minute, and then, increase your score.
  2. The name of the next exercise on the rope for weight loss - jumping aside. They allow you to work oblique and straight muscles of the press.
  3. To perform the next exercise, you must alternately put your foot back and put it on your toe.
  4. The next exercise is jumping with high legs lifting.
  5. Hold the skipping rope in your hands and perform cross-shaped flops, but with your feet it's worthwhile performing jumps with a turn.
  6. Effective for the legs exercise - "Scissors". Perform jumps, constantly changing the position of the legs, exposing forward, then the left, then the right leg.
  7. The most difficult, but effective exercise - double jumps, when in one jump you should turn the rope twice.

To finish the training is a stretch , for which fold the rope twice and keep it on the arms outstretched in front of you, so that the distance between the palms was wider than the shoulders. Try to turn your hands back so that the rope is behind your back, without bending your elbows. To stretch the legs, you should bend the leg in the knee and get the rope under the feet. Pull the leg forward, pulling the rope.