Exercises with the wheel for the press

A gymnastics wheel is an accessible simulator that allows you to load the muscles of the press well . Its compactness makes it possible to conduct training even in small rooms. There are different exercises with a gymnastic wheel, which properly work out the muscles and give a result in a short period of time.

Exercises with the wheel for the press for women

Performing exercises with the wheel, the load is not only on the press, buttocks , but also on the muscles of the legs, arms and back. With regular classes, that is 4-5 times a week, after 1-1,5 months. you can see a good result. It is important to observe the rhythm of breathing and, when tilting the body, you should inhale, and when you return to the initial position, exhale. You can start with 10-15 times, and then, the load should be increased.

Exercises with a wheel with handles for the press

Let's start with the most common exercise, the so-called "classics", which involves rocking. Stand on your knees and take the roller with both hands. Slowly inhale, push the roller forward until the body almost assumes a horizontal position. Try to go as low as possible, but do not touch the floor with the body. Lock the position and, exhaling, return to the starting position.

The technique of performing exercises with a wheel for the press:

  1. The feet should be fixed on the handles of the wheel, and hands rest on the floor. Roller roll as close as possible to the hands, while the palms should be at a level parallel to the shoulders. Then roll the wheel back, taking the position of the bar, and repeat all over again.
  2. The next exercise with the wheel for the press works oblique muscles. Fix the legs on the wheel and sit on your back. Raise the upper part of the body, performing twists and directing the elbow to the opposite knee.
  3. Stand in the bar, with the legs being fixed on the wheel handles. Pull the wheel toward you, bending your knees, and then return to the starting position.
  4. For the next exercise with a sports wheel for the press, put it on your knees, holding the wheel. First, go ahead on the wheel, then left and right, as if you are drawing three rays coming from the same point. Knees should be stationary.
  5. The next exercise is the bar. Put your hands on the wheel and put it under your chest. Hold in this position for as long as possible.
  6. Rise steadily, pick up the wheel, bend over and start moving forward. Advance before the body becomes straight and does not accept the position of the "bar".