Games for children of 3-4 years - cognitive, entertaining and not only!

The basics of mathematics and reading, acquaintance with natural phenomena, the world of flora and fauna, the first ideas about moral and ethical norms - kids are ready to absorb any information, provided it is properly filed. The only true and win-win tactics for teaching younger preschoolers are games for children 3-4 years old.

Developing games 3-4 years

Literally everything is interesting 3-4-year-old boy. He is ready to draw, sculpt, collect designers and puzzles, learn rhymes and songs. Systematize the leisure of the child and direct the age characteristics in the right direction will help the parents of the game for the development of children 3-4 years. They effectively teach crumbs, develop intelligence, horizons, memory, improve the speech apparatus, develop perseverance, ability to concentrate attention.

Logopedic games for children 3-4 years old

The vocabulary of the three-year-old has more than 1500 words, the child remembers verses and songs, constantly asking questions. Problems can arise with the pronunciation of certain sounds, with endings and pretexts, literate compilation of stories. The cause of improper reproduction of individual sounds is the imperfection of the articulatory apparatus, which includes the larynx, tongue, lips, jaws. Articulating gymnastics for children of 3-4 years is aimed at eliminating such shortcomings. Giving color to games can be done with visual pictures.

They expand the vocabulary of children, develop observation, learn to generalize, find objects by their description, classify, see the discrepancy of the game for children 3-4 years in words. Among interesting and entertaining it is possible to allocate the following:

  1. "Say what?". In the box are placed various objects, the child alternately pulls them out, and calls the signs.
  2. "Who, what can?". A crumb is called an object, an animal, a person (profession), and he must answer what he knows how to do.
  3. "Excess". For fun, geometric figures of different colors are prepared. The task can be different, for example, the kid, should determine that the red square is definitely superfluous among the green shapes.

Cognitive games for children 3-4 years old

The comprehensive development of the baby implies his acquaintance with the natural phenomena, processes and changes that occur around him. It is especially important at this age to teach the child to notice and admire the variety of forms and the riot of the colors of nature. For further study and correct perception, the preschooler must know the basic sensory standards: weight, size, length, direction, texture, sound, smell, color, and geometric shapes. To convey and consolidate this fundamental material, you can use sensory games for children 3-4 years old:

  1. "Decompose by color." For game actions, you need to prepare objects and shapes of different colors. The task of the kid consists in their sorting by color.
  2. "What's in your purse?" In a small bag you need to place objects that differ in shape and size, different by touch. The child, closing his eyes, should try to determine what exactly fell into his hands.

At the preschool age it is too early to dedicate a child to environmental problems, but to instill in him a love of nature, to teach him to care for her, to form a sense of responsibility and compassion is the time. To the crumb was easier to accept himself as a whole with the world around him, he must: be well-oriented in time, know the causes and consequences of natural phenomena. To increase the luggage of the preschool child's knowledge in this direction will help environmental games for children 3-4 years old:

  1. "Guess what I ate." The game uses a taste analyzer, fixes the concept of fruit and vegetables, which is where it grows. Preliminarily, small pieces are cut into fruits or vegetables, then the child is closed by eyes and given a try, the little one must guess what he ate.
  2. "Who lives where?". Variations of this fun set - you can use the maze, according to which the kid should bring the animal into his abode, you can - a tablet with a rotating arrow in the middle. The goal of the game actions is to consolidate the material about the places of residence of various animals.

Intellectual games for children 3-4 years old

The ability to think logically, to analyze, to consider is the supreme superiority of man. It is genetic, but it requires development. From an early age with a child you need to engage in this direction. Mathematical games for children 3-4 years old introduce the kids to the basics of the account, numbers, the concept is more or less:

  1. "We're setting the table". The game allows you to combine two things at once - to help your mother in the kitchen and learn how to count. The child can prepare the necessary amount of cutlery, bring two carrots, three apples - tasks can be invented on the go.
  2. "Fold the square." Ten multicolored squares of cardboard - each cut in random order. The kid needs to restore and count out how many pieces each piece consists of.

Logical games for children 3-4 years old prompt the child to find solutions to the set tasks, compare, compare:

  1. "Listopad". For this game, children of 3-4 years will need leaves of trees, you can take maple, oak, birch. On paper, their outline is outlined. A crumb must guess where a leaf is depicted, without applying the last one to the drawing.
  2. "The cook". Fun, which does not require cost and special training. On the floor, all the pots that are in the house are laid out, lids are placed side by side on the heap. The preschooler must pick up the missing detail of each container, given the color and size.
  3. "Correct the mistake." Using pre-prepared "wrong" pictures, the baby is asked to figure out what is wrong with them. For example, a blue bear cub bites seeds, a child should notice that the bears have a color of a different color, and this beast does not regrow with grains.

Story-role games for children 3-4 years old

Animating puppets, animals, losing life situations, children learn to interact in a team, find solutions to their tasks, express their mood and interests. By working on this area of ​​the child's activities, adults can see and correct the mistakes made in the upbringing of the child, instill generally accepted norms of behavior, and form the right habits and attitudes towards others. Role games for children of 3-4 years direct the development of a small personality in the right direction:

  1. "Mother's Daughters." Timeless story - crumbs-princesses always want to try on the role of an adult mummy who cares for her baby, feeds, leads for a walk, puts her to bed.
  2. "Celebration". Games for children of 3-4 years, devoted to the festive theme like boys and girls. Karapuzy gladly prepare gifts for birthday people, help to cover on the table, then they are accepted for the main delicacy.
  3. "Home construction". The plot, allowing to expand the outlook of the child with knowledge of construction equipment and professions. Babies are involved in the process of creating a beautiful interior and home coziness, boys - try on the role of the head of the family.

Finger games for children 3 4 years

Training handles kids develop muscles, fine motor skills, memory, attention, such exercises are positive in speech. Finger games (3-4 years) are a dramatization of rhymed stories, fairy tales, where the main characters are fingers. The latter perform uncomplicated movements: bend, unbend, join together, following the plot.

Board games for children 3-4 years old

Happiness and joy gives the child a pastime with adults. For joint leisure, table games for 3-4 years are perfect:

  1. "Walking". Variations of such fun are many, but the essence is one, each player tosses a cube, and according to the fallen value, he steps to the goal.
  2. "Dzhanga." From a series of those games for children 3-4 years old, which are interesting to all family members. The rules are very simple - a tower is built of wooden blocks, each level consists of three components, the floors are laid perpendicular to each other. This is the preparatory stage, after which the game actions begin. They consist in the following: players in one turn pull out one block from the lower levels and spread it over the top (it can not be pulled from it). This continues until the tower falls.

Music games for children 3-4 years old

Useful and exciting activities for kids can be diverse. Especially like kids games for children to music. With their help, crumbs learn to control their movements and feel a given rhythm. Funes are supposed to be a competitive element, so they are more suitable for large groups of children. At home with a child you can just pomuzirovat and introduce him to musical instruments:

  1. "The Rain." The adult offers the child to reproduce by means of cubes sound of a rain, but specifies, that that will be that strong, that small. The kid should catch the tempo and pitch of the sound.
  2. "On what instrument is the doll playing?". Parents are preparing musical instruments for them to play a doll - called everyone, reproduce the sound. Then the toy hides and alternately plays - the child guesses on which instrument.

Didactic games for preschoolers 3-4 years old

Presence of a game situation, rules, estimations, certain sequence distinguishes did. Games for children 3-4 years from other fun. Younger preschoolers are easily involved in such an educational process and involuntarily memorize the necessary information. Didactic classes organize children, teach them to interact with peers and adults.

Montessori Games for 3 4 years

The method of Maria Montessori implies the active participation of the child in domestic affairs. You can offer your child to help sweep the floor, wipe the dust, water the flowers. Other games of Montessori seem fascinating to him :

  1. "Funny clothespins." In advance cut from the cardboard stock (sun, hedgehog, herringbone), the child must be supplemented with needles from clothespins.
  2. "The Magic Sieve." Separate the manga from rice with a sieve by the forces of the younger preschooler. Such an occupation will give him a lot of pleasure, and the result will be equated with a real focus.

Sports games for children 3-4 years old

Harmonious development of children is impossible without physical activity. Well, if at home there is a Swedish wall and a horizontal bar where the little one can work out and throw out the accumulated energy. But even this is not enough for small fidgets at this age. Required for them are daily walks on the street, morning exercises. It is necessary to warm up between games for children 3-4 years old. In summer, the stay of kids in the fresh air should be maximized, combining the walk with a useful activity for development. This is considered sports entertaining games for children 3-4 years old.

Moving games for kids 3-4 years old

To observe the rules, worthy of losing, adhering to a given line of behavior, this is not about younger preschoolers. Children of this age category are not yet ready for such activities, therefore, in the matter of organizing interesting leisure activities, adults need help. An alternative solution for the latter are active games for children of 3-4 years, for example:

  1. "The search for toys." On a chalk plot, a table of 6-8 cells is drawn, in which the toys are schematically depicted. The adult hides these toys, and the child searches and places them on the appropriate cells.
  2. "Overcome the obstacles." From plastic bottles, toys, bars a bar of obstacles is built, which the kid must overcome, riding around obstacles on a bicycle or scooter.

Dance games for children 3-4 years old

For the organization of a children's holiday or just for pleasant leisure, round-the-clock games for children of 3-4 years will be a real find. One touch of emotion is to watch the crumbs, who lead a round dance around the New Year tree, or cheerfully sing the song congratulating the birthday boy. Entertainment of such a plan contributes to the communicative development of children, develops a sense of rhythm and musical ear. They are accompanied by songs, poems, which coordinate the movements of small fidgets. In modern interpretation, dances look something like this:

  1. "Monkeys." Kids form a circle, in the center of which an adult becomes. The task of small dancers is to copy the movements of the presenter as accurately as possible.
  2. "Slowly and quickly." Children learn movements and, on the command of an adult, begin to perform them, given the ever-changing pace that the presenter prescribes.

Wellness games for children 3-4 years old

To preserve and strengthen the health of the child is the main task of caring parents. To cope with it they will be helped by health-improving games for preschoolers, which include sets of exercises aimed at developing an even posture, beautiful gait, endurance, quick reaction. Through this game for children 3-4 years by the age of 6 the baby will master the basic types of movements and will be physically ready for the school life.